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So, a while back [personal profile] galaxysoup and I were reminiscing about the horrors of classic fannish website design. Remember when Geocities was a thing and disclaimer pages made you hunt for the second comma in the thirteenth line? Remember purple text on black background, blinking gifs and flashing text, cheesy ornamental buttons, weird graphics and crazy fonts?

Well, as it turns out, I still have evidence of some of my transgressions. Here they are, for your amusement! Pictures under the cut!  )

Sooo… what do you think?
Poll #21797 Times were different, MacLeod. I was different.
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But why?

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You Too Can Learn HTML
4 (14.8%)

X-Files Versus Readability
5 (18.5%)

The Red and the Black Archive
5 (18.5%)

Quoth the Raven
1 (3.7%)

Eroica Overload
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Art Nouveau Green
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All of the above!
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1 (3.7%)

None of the above!
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22 (81.5%)

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16 (59.3%)

Do you have any early website crimes to share? Show us the evidence!!


Mar. 31st, 2019 05:38 pm
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Instead of writing, I thought I’d ask you all a few things about your reading preferences. Procrastination for the win! :-)

So tell me! How do you like your fanfic?

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Serve my fic in:

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Present tense
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Past tense
25 (52.1%)

Both are cool / awful
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15 (31.2%)

Stories posted in installments, Y/N?

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Y! I enjoy the WIP experience.
8 (16.7%)

Y! It makes stories last longer.
6 (12.5%)

Y…? If I am sure the entire story will be posted.
19 (39.6%)

Y… If installments are posted regularly.
11 (22.9%)

N! What if they don’t get finished?
10 (20.8%)

N! I like to read the entire story in one go.
24 (50.0%)

Y/N Ticky box.
6 (12.5%)

I like to read:

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Gen: no romance, no sex - or at least no sex
35 (72.9%)

G: sweet romance, sexual tension and kissing, references to more
36 (75.0%)

R: some explicit sexual content (as part of the plot)
42 (87.5%)

NC-17: detailed and explicit sex scenes (as part of the plot)
41 (85.4%)

PWPs: all sex, no/hardly any plot
30 (62.5%)

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
21 (43.8%)

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From what I can tell, Guardian approaches time the same way epic poetry does - that is, it almost always seems to be measured in numbers more notable for dramatic value than likelihood (ten thousand years! a thousand years! ten years! NOW!).

Even so, I've put together a timeline of the Special Investigation Department's history. Please be aware that it contains spoilers for the entire series.

SID Timeline )

If you have any additions or I got something wrong, please let me know! I'd be very grateful for input on how much time passes between the SID-relevant events of the series itself, for one thing.

Alternately, tell me about your SID feels! :-)


Feb. 27th, 2019 02:32 pm
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Yesterday, [personal profile] solo and I discovered the perfect fic prompt hanging on the wall of a lovely Japanese restaurant.


My theory on "cien" is that it's a previously undiscovered variant of "bien", making this utterance into "you are too welcome" - which of course makes perfect sense.

As for "gunyugunyu", this is always romantic. Obviously.

[personal profile] solo and I also discovered one of the most confusing fountains known to man. Yes, these are four boys riding on dolphins while preparing to throw fishes like javelins. Why? Well, why not, I ask you?

Pictures under the cut! )

I challenge you to write a story based on this art! If the fish-throwing fountain is also in the story, you win forever.

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I can't be online much this week, and am already missing the lovely conversations on revitalized Dreamwidth... and my new fandom. It is so easy to get hooked again.

To think that a few months ago, DW was like the main street at high noon before the shootout, and I honestly though I was never going to find another real fandom.

In conclusion, I am so glad to know you guys! :-)
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I ordered a package a few days ago. (Clothes hangers, probably the most boring objects to ever arrive in a package – but still nice to have.)

Amazon was excited to keep me updated every step of the way, until on Wednesday, it trilled happily into my email account: Yay! Your package has arrived!

Me: Uh. No it hasn‘t?

New hangers: *stubbornly absent*

Me: *forgets about it for a couple of days and then remembers that her clothes are still sadly unsupported by chic new hangers*

Amazon: No seriously, they were delivered on Wednesday! )
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Dwarf: But what if the undead come crawling over the rubble behind us, looking for brains?
Spell-casting priest (me): No worries, we don't have any of those.

Last week, my roleplaying group tried to prepare a cave for a fight. It took several hours. Our poor GM occasionally asked, in an increasingly despairing voice, "so what exactly is your plan…?", to which our decisive and eloquent answer was, inevitably, "uhm".

It was so sad, you guys.

Cut for planning fail. )

This planning malaise cannot go on.

Does anyone have recommendations on teaching material about strategy and combat tactics – preferably applicable for small-ish groups?
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Title: Lost Kittens
Author: Sylvia / [personal profile] rheasilvia
Fandom: Guardian (TV)
Rating: Gen
Story Notes: Betaed by [personal profile] solo. Thank you again!

Summary: For such a rigid and inflexible man, Chief Zhao could be surprisingly capricious. Why would he send a distinguished cat like Da Qing to deal with his drunk, wayward and entirely objectionable offspring? Humans, seriously.


Da Qing and Zhao Yunlan's first meeting. (For a certain value of "first".)

Lost Kittens

When Da Qing found him, the kid was pretty much wasted. Given the furrow of Chief Zhao's brow when he'd pulled Da Qing aside earlier, it wasn't that big a surprise – although it was still odd to see anyone related to the Chief spread out in his chair like that, every limb flung in a different direction.

The story on AO3.
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Title: Hidden Charms
Author: Sylvia / [personal profile] rheasilvia
Fandoms: Guardian (TV) and X/1999
Pairings: Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, Sakurazuka Seishirou/Sumeragi Subaru
Rating: Not rated
Story Notes: Every fandom needs weird crossovers. Let me make a start! Betaed by [personal profile] solo, who is a great enabler. :-)

Summary: Combatants from another world unexpectedly enter Dragon City, the Black-Cloaked Envoy acquires an interesting reputation, and nobody has a terribly good time.

Hidden Charms

On Wednesday, a portal to another universe opened south of the river, over the old town hall. It swirled shut again almost immediately, but in the brief moment of its existence, a kid wearing a baseball cap, a monk, a schoolgirl and a guy in a trench coat managed to fall through. They then put half of Dragon City under a force field, jumped around on top of various buildings, and threw bolts of electricity, swords, doves, hawks and various other missiles at each other. Dozens of people had recorded it on their phones, or Yunlan would probably have considered at least the birds down to creative license.

Yunlan couldn't believe he'd missed it.

The story on AO3.
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Just happened to look at the first meeting in Ep 1 again (as you do) and noticed something that - no doubt - everyone else has already noticed long ago. Namely:

Mark Stewart?? )
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It's come to my attention that I have neglected to link to my favorite Guardian community here!

A banner for the SID_Guardian comm on Dreamwidth

[community profile] sid_guardian is a noticeboard for linking 镇魂 | Guardian fanworks of all kinds (such as fic, art, meta) as well as other Guardian-related posts, and for making Guardian recs. Please subscribe, spread the word, and drop by and say hi on our intro post. (Introductions are optional! Lurkers also welcome!)

These comms might also be relevant to your interests:

[community profile] thisweekmeta

A pan-fandom meta newsletter - because maybe fandom is coming back to DW for reals...? It's been ages since I had the chance to regularly indulge in fanish meta, and I love it!

[community profile] guardiandaily

A comm for all kinds of visual Guardian-related media - screencaps, gifs, icons, art, anything.

[community profile] fan_flashworks

An all-fandoms multi-media flashworks community, for creators who like to be prompted and/or participate in small challenges from time to time.
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The m/m novel the Guardian series is based on can be read online – most of it has already been translated into English. It has a large fanbase, and many Guardian fans enjoy both canons. However, before reading the novel as a fan of the series, it may be good to know one thing:

The Guardian novel is very different from the Guardian series.

If you decide to check out the novel, I would strongly recommend reading it as its own thing, entirely independent of the series. Because otherwise, things get weird. Text and pics behind the cut! )
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2018 was my Yuletide premiere, and I got very lucky with both the story I received and my assignment, which allowed me to write what I most wanted to write.

kyrilu gifted this lovely, sweet slice-of-life Guardian story to me:

Five Ugly Articles of Clothing that Zhao Yunlan Gave Shen Wei

And the one time that Shen Wei gave clothes to Zhao Yunlan. (Sort of.)

I wrote this Guardian story (which needs a better summary and is also Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan) for Trobadora:


The flu is going around, and Zhao Yunlan makes a surprising discovery.

It was great fun, all things told, and I might well participate again this year. Especially if I can avoid the sudden RL end-of-the-year madness. (As you may be able to tell by the lateness of this post, I am still in the process of catching up to life again. Ack.)

Without apropos: The world needs an icon reading „Anachronistic Lollipop“. Alternately, this should be the name of a band.
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Before I start posting fanfic and talking about Guardian, I’d like to give you all some idea of what this fandom is about. So!

Guardian is a Chinese fantasy/scifi series about a cop who heads a specialized team for supernatural* crime. Zhao Yunlan – the cop – is supported in his endeavors by Shen Wei, a mild-mannered professor who acts as a consultant, and who frequently jumps in to save Zhao Yunlan and/or the day. He does this surprisingly effectively, because Shen Wei is secretly an immensely powerful being known as the Black-Cloaked Envoy, one of the rulers of the supernatural* realm. Shen Wei has also been in love with Zhao Yunlan for thousands of years, for complex and spoilery reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture.

* I use „supernatural“ as shorthand for „technically scientifically explainable scifi-genre-like goings-ons that are for all intents and purposes supernatural“. More on this in a bit!

The entire series is available on YouTube, with subtitles, and is a delight. I encourage you to check it out if you have any interest in gay romance, or fantasy/scifi with an unusual slant.

More - including pictures - behind the cut!  )

If you do give this series a try, I’d love to know what you think! :-)


Dec. 17th, 2018 09:06 pm
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I am now on Pillowfort - although I have yet to post a single thing, or even explore the platform properly. If you have an account there, too, please let me know!
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I never got the hang of Tumblr, and have sadly lost touch with much of fandom because of it - much to my regret. This is my chance! Whether fandom returns to DW or migrates to yet another platform, my plan is to jump back in with both feet. I would love to find new friends and reconnect with old ones.

These last few years, I've been in a kind of fannish hibernation. I never stopped reading fanfic, but haven't been writing myself. Until very recently, I didn't feel intensely fannish about any fandom, and felt rather out of step with fandom in general. And I missed it, guys! The fannish exchange, the discussion, the shared squee, the canon analysis, the writing - the excitement and joy of sharing fannish love and energy with others.

And then, very recently, Guardian happened. And OMG, I have a new fandom! I will definitely post more about this lovely fantasy/scifi series where the millennia-spanning m/m romance is canon and everything is awesome. (More about The Awesome later. this is not that post. *g*) Thanks again, [personal profile] extempore and you other enablers - you know who you are. :-)

So I am now writing fanfic again, and fans are returning to a platform where I might be able to successfully interact with them, and - yay, I missed this so much!

Anyway! Expect Guardian posts here soon - and a brief intro post about my other fandoms, because I hope to make new friends. :-)
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Dear Yulewriter,

thank you so much for writing a story for me! I’ll try to give you an impression of both what I like to read in general, and what I like about the fandoms I’ve requested, but please don’t worry if you have a different story idea or are drawn to different aspects of canon. Any story you write in one of these fandoms will make me happy.

General Likes )

General Dislikes )

Guardian (TV) )

Almost Human )

Winnetou )

I hope this is helpful! And if in doubt, please remember that these are all only suggestions. If you are inspired to go in a different direction, write the story you want to write!
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Yuletide is tempting me! It does this every year, and so far I have womanfully resisted. But maybe this year...?

So far I only have one fandom I'd like to write in, though. (And yes, [personal profile] extempore, it's Guardian. *g* Which... more about that later!) I'll have to ponder at more length...

Are you guys participating this year - or are you still resisting temptation? What fandoms are you looking at?
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The TER/MA archive is moving to the AO3! My first stories from when I was a bright-eyed newbie slasher are on there. To think that I now officially qualify as a Fannish Dinosaur... time does fly.

I read the other day that Callum Keith Rennie was offered the part of Alex Krycek, but turned it down. Imagine if he had taken the part... I can't help but think that version of Krycek would have had an entirely different dynamic with Mulder from the start, ultimately leading to an entirely different relationship - though I have no doubt that it would have been every bit as slashy. ;-)

In other news, yes, I still exist! I have merely gone into fannish hibernation, if hibernation means a state where I still read DW and LJ as well as all the slash fanfic I can get my hands on. Haven't been grabbed by any new fandoms, though. What about you guys?


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