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Feb. 10th, 2016 02:39 am
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So I've finally (!!) seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I quite enjoyed it. Here are some random thoughts!

On the question of sequel or remake!

So, hey. This is by no means a complaint, but we can agree that this is not a sequel so much as it is a remake, right? This movie contains nothing but famous popular scenes and plot elements from the original Star Wars, just slightly rearranged and with the roles swapped around.

I guess they realized the second trilogy sucked, and so they decided to just stick with what they knew worked...? As I said, not complaining. The major reason why I waited so long to watch the movie was dread that it would suck as horribly as the previous ones. It did not! So, whatever.

On characters new and old!

The new characters worked very well for me. Rey is awesome (more so than Luke ever managed to be), Finn is adorable, and Poe makes a good pilot princess.

For the most part the old characters worked well, too, though The Search for Luke plot was somewhat bewildering. (He ran away and left everybody to their fates for... reasons... but finding him will somehow spell salvation...? because he was so interested in helping out before? do people assume he just get lost on his way to buy milk and couldn't find his way back, or what?)

I hope the plot moves more fully onto the new characters in the next movie. Some actual new plot for the new characters would be nice too, rather than a re-hash of Dagobah and all that jazz.

On the tragic decline in the quality of Sith apprentices!

OMG, Sulky Teenage Tantrum Douchebag (hereafter known as STTD) is just sad. That's the downside of taking out the Jedi Order - a radical decline in the quality of Sith apprentice candidates. This guy is as dumb as a post and doesn't manage to be scary or effective even once in the entire movie. He does not successfully complete a single task, and drives his incompetence home with two (in words: 2!) actual tantrums in which he destroys the furniture like an overgrown 3-year-old. I'm surprised he doesn't stamp his feet, scream, and throw himself on the floor to drum his fists on the ground.

He even looks silly in his knock-off Darth Vader fan attire. Oh, baby douchebag, no. You can't actually defeat your enemies with second-hand embarassment. Nice try, though. I guess you have to stick with your strengths.

Seriously, this sad-sack STTD was expected to sell action figures en masse?

I'd have preferred Luke to be the new bad guy. That would have been so much more effective on a multitude of levels. Didn't we get more than our fair share of STTDs already with Anakin Skywalker?

On a single new shade of gray!

Lastly, I guess we should congratulate TPTB for acknowledging that even enemy soldiers who wear helmets can have souls. One of them, at least. Not all the rest, of course! No need to worry about those, those are all just mindless faceless evil automatons. Even Finn realizes that!


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