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This is not my main journal, although I hope it will be one day! Until fandom migrates to Dreamwidth, though, LiveJournal remains my main fannish hang-out. I rarely look at my DW reading page, so if you only post on DW, I will probably not see your posts.

Transformative Works Policy

If you'd like to podfic, translate and/or create art of any kind for my fic, there's no need to ask – I would be ridiculously flattered! Please include a link to the fic in question when you post your work. Also, because I'd love to see (or listen to) your work, I'd be very happy if you'd let me know about it.

If you'd like to remix or write a sequel to any of my stories, please drop me a line first. Whether or not I'm comfortable with remixes or sequels depends on the story in question. This is because I'm odd.

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