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I have more lovely, lovely cards! Thank you so much, [personal profile] setsuna_jiba and [personal profile] regann! I especially love the seal (!), the fluttery little hearts and the glitter, respectively. :-)

My own offer of Spring Cards is still open, BTW, if anyone else wants to sign up.

In other news, I hope all of you slide, dance, read, sleep or otherwise make your way into a wonderful new year - either tonight or at the appropriate time, as appointed by your preferred calendars. I have a good feeling about this one, and my feelings are never wrong.

Since my writing muscles have gotten quite rusty lately, I plan to post more often next year. I'm thinking I'll ramble a bit about books, TV series, meta, and random things that pop into my head... it's also possible I may recklessly post memes and pictures.

Of course I also plan to write far more fiction, as well.

I will probably not eat fewer cookies. But that's all right, really. I can deal. ;-)

Card love

Dec. 22nd, 2012 04:29 pm
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Yay, I have cards! Lovely, wonderful cards! :-) Thank you so much, [personal profile] fleurrochard, [personal profile] glitterburn, [personal profile] twelve_pastels and [profile] annelislashfan.

As every year, I am far too late to send holiday cards myself. However: I intend to carry on my established tradition of sending out Happy Spring cards! Please comment with your address if you would like to celebrate the turning of the seasons by getting mail from me.*

* Possibly quite a bit too early for spring, depending on my whim. insert evil laughter here

Comments are screened!
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As of yesterday evening, I am online again!

This is cause for great rejoicing. For a while there I thought I wouldn't see the internets again this side of 2009. Because of course all did not go smoothly with my provider change, and there was much cold sweat and weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth (and an interesting no-DSL-ever-again nightmare). But hey, all's well that ends well, right? And there's time to hunt down and squash the remaining bugs.

Oh internet, oh joy!

Now I can finally burble happily about all the lovely cards I got while I was offline. Thank you so much for the seasonal greetings for Christmas, Solstice and Fruit Cake Day! There are lovely homemade cards, there is a Japanese woodprint, there are snowmen and reindeer and angels and trees, there is lots of glitter, there is a pirate stamp and bilingual greetings. There are even two wonderful stories, one about my favorite angel and demon suffering through a solstice with too much cholesterol and an embarrassing potato debacle, and one about my favorite pair of hunters celebrating the holidays in another galaxy, with socks. :-)))

It's so wonderful to receive cards from all over the world - and it was particularly wonderful this year because it made me feel connected to you all even without a working internet connection. (No, seriously. It's just a habit. I can stop any time I want to.)

I hope you are all having a wonderful time - whether you are celebrating or not!
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If you'd like to receive a card from me in January, please comment with your address! Comments are screened, and I am not a crazy stalker. Honest. :-)

The chances of a story accompanying the card are very slim this year, unless you are partial to handsome boybandish Japanese dorks. Do feel free to mention if you are! Though I warn you that it may be the wiser choice to keep it quiet – I have a small epic in the works that will need beta-readers at some point. *g*

In other news: I'm switching providers and will be offline for an unspecified amount of time beginning this Monday. (They assure me - in soothing tones - that it may only be a few hours, but no more than six days on the outside. I interpret this to mean that they don't want to aggravate the crazy woman and that anything up to two months is possible.)

I'll be able to read e-mails at work, but beyond that... Ack. Not thinking about that before I have to, though. Instead, I will go write. :-)


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