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With a slight delay, I present my responses to the 15 characters meme! I absolutely love the questions I got - you guys are brilliant. :-) And I would so love to read some of these crossovers...

This was my list of characters:

1. Ray Kowalski (Due South)
2. Benton Fraser (Due South)
3. Lex Luthor (Smallville, early seasons)
4. Cameron (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
5. John Connor (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
6. Harold Finch (Person of Interest)
7. John Reese (Person of Interest)
8. Erik Lehnsherr (X-Men)
9. Charles Xavier (X-Men)
10. Methos (Highlander)
11. Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
12. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
13. Aeryn Sun (Farscape)
14. Morgana (Merlin, seasons 1 and 2)
15. Duncan MacLeod (Highlander)

Benton Fraser is running for office; Harold Finch is his campaign manager. The opponent is Charles Xavier; Aeryn Sun is his campaign manager. What are their platforms, and who wins? )

Blackmail! John Connor knows Erik Lehnsherr's guilty secret. What is it, and what does it take to keep it quiet? )

Cameron is being interviewed and is asked which five of the other 14 people on the list she would invite to a dinner party. )

Is Erik's marriage to Buffy doomed or blissful? )

If Benton Fraser, Aeryn Sun, John Connor and Harold Finch were teamed up, would they fight crime or be criminal masterminds? Who would be the group leader? )

How does Charles Xavier seduce Duncal MacLeod? )

Ray Kowalski and John Reese are winners of [Country's] Got Talent - what is their act and what unfortunate country have they inflicted it on? )

Lex Luthor, Cameron and John Reese have just been stranded on an abandoned space station! How do they cope and what do they do next? )

Cameron and John Connor go on a road trip. Where do they go, do they get lost and argue about whose fault it is, where do they stop for food, and who forgot to pack the map, anyway? )

Ray Kowalski, John Reese and Methos have a reality show. What is it about and what do they do on it? )

Ray Kowalski and Lex Luthor are in a relationship. Benton Fraser, Erik Lehnsherr, Cameron, Harold Finch and Duncan MacLeod find out. What are their reactions? )

All 15 characters have to compete in a drag queen contest. Who are the top 5 finalists? )

John Reese bakes something for Aeryn Sun. What? )

Ray Kowalski, John Connor and Buffy are stuck in an elevator. What happens? )

Is Duncan still in love with Methos? How does Erik Lehnsherr feel about that? )

Ray Kowalski and Benton Fraser have a love child. Which actor should play said love child? )
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Well-known SF authors Jim Hines, Charles Stross, John Scalzi and Patrick Rothfuss made a promise: If fans donated a certain amount of money for a good cause, they would pose to recreate a SF novel cover. The fans came through... and so did the authors.

The cover in question? Here it is.

See the stunning cover cover beneath the cut! )

I would so buy that book. Why can't I buy this book? I really, really want to have this book on my shelf!

And here's the whole story, as told by Jim "Blue Boxer Babe" Hines himself!

(Thanks for the head-up, [profile] ari_! This is so brilliant. *g*)
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Title: The Fall of Magneto
Author: Sylvia / [personal profile] rheasilvia
Pairing: Charles/Erik.
Rating: Not rated.
Disclaimer: Not my characters.
Story Notes: Mild crack based on X-Men First Class; story length ~1,400 words. Inspired by [personal profile] analise010's prompt "fall".

Summary: Erik falls. Charles is there to catch him. And it all ends up on Youtube the next morning.

The Fall of Magneto

"Pathetic," sneers Erik. The Mutant Control forces down on the street have found even more guns to point up at him.

He turns a little more into the wind, making his cape flare out dramatically. "Pathetic, vicious little creatures. Do you really think your weapons can help you now? We are the future of this world, and you are its past."

It's a good speech, and he knows for a fact that at least two cameras are recording him right now. The MC routinely record all encounters… as do the X-Men. Which makes it a particular pity that Erik never gets to finish.

"If you will not adapt," Erik intones sonorously, "then you must d–"

Story on my website / Story on AO3
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So, after a year of slacking off, I have recently started making soap again. Yin and yang, rose, lavender, coffee, pomegranate stars, neon stars, tea tree, an absolute luxury soap in two versions, one with sea-buckthorn oil...

And wow, I have never ever heard the word sea-buckthorn in English before. But why? It's awesome! Yummy and healthy and pretty. I'm a fan.

Hmm. Maybe I should write fanfic. But who would be most likely to be sea-buckthorn? I'm thinking Erik... tough, stubborn, headstrong, thorny and frequently found in difficult circumstances. Sour when caught at a bad time, but potentially sweet, healthy and delicious, and definitely well-worth the trouble. Also, very low-maintenance, despite appearances. *g*

Anyway! With one exception, I have yet to take pics of my new soaps, and I am too late to supply soap as xmas presents. However, if any of you have unfulfilled soap longings, please let me know. I have a couple of soaps left in me before my spree ends again!

I need a soap icon. Also, maybe an "I am rather odd and not ashamed of it at all" icon. ;-)
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The first "3 sentence" meme story fragments, which are considerably longer than 3 sentences in most cases, and are in order of striking inspiration. ;-)

Mulder and Krycek in space (for [personal profile] ellensmithee)
Sneaking onboard the Alliance flagship without being caught turned out to be surprisingly easy.  )

Vetinari/Vimes pirate AU. (for [profile] dragonaph)
There had never been a Pirate Admiral before, and Captain Vimes still wasn't sure how he felt about the idea. )

Dean/Krycek in a spy caper (for [personal profile] without_me)
Dean knew he wasn't alone as soon as he eased open the window to the study.  )

Abe no Seimei and an additional character in a steampunk world (for [personal profile] torch)
Hiromasa's stomach lurched as the zeppelin tilted sharply, drifting to the left as it hit an eddy in the ether. )

Stay tuned for more! I'm also still taking prompts, because I'm crazy that way. ;-)
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Title: Trials of a Teenage Deity
Author: Sylvia / [personal profile] rheasilvia
Pairing: Christ/Christ
Rating: PG-13
Note: This cracky ficlet is the result of a conversation I had with [personal profile] glitterburn about one of my pet peeves - that fannish authors will persist in using "mein Leib" as a translation for "my love". I feel like I should apologize. Uhm. Sorry?

Warning: Do not read if you are Christian and likely to be offended by irreverence.

The worst part of incarnating was puberty. )

A note of explanation:

Though frequently used as the translation for "my love", "mein Leib" actually means "my body", and is part of the ritual words spoken during the Eucharist in Catholic Mass.

Incidentally, "mein Lieb" does not work as a translation of "my love", either.
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Dating a deity is a monumentally bad idea. While I'm sure you are all well aware of this fact, temptation may tempt even so - which is why I want to remind you to stay strong, no matter how hot the divine entity you are tempted to make eyes at may be. Here's a recent essay on the subject that may bolster your crumbling resolve!

My own advice would go one step further: I would counsel you to keep out of sight and range of deities entirely. Even if you're not trying to date them and/or escape their amorous attention, chances are their vicinity will turn out to be highly unpleasant in some way.

And if you're wondering whyI think I am qualified to give out this kind of advice? Ahem. Rhea Silvia? Vesta, Mars, *and* Tiberinus? Guys, seriously, I know what I'm talking about. ;-)

Also: The reveal of yesterday's kdrama title poll. Are you ready?

These five dramas really exist - and I have the links to prove it. )
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Someone has made a list of the Five Most Baffling Sex Scenes in the History of Fanfiction. The list includes Frank N. Furter / Methos slash... which - get this - only comes in at third place.

Actually, I wonder how the authors cut the list down to just five scenes! Wow, all the stories I would nominate for a list like that...

How about you? What are the most baffling fanfic sex scenes you've ever read (or written)?
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Here's a new edition of an old meme favorite of mine!

The rules:
All characters depicted in my icons are listed and paired off in alphabetical order. This time I have decided to sort the characters by last name, or throne name in one instance.

James Kirk / Kiryuu Touga
This is definitely a one-night-stand, with neither party interested in an actual relationship of any kind.  )

Alex Krycek / Leonard McCoy
Somewhat bizarre, but not impossible. :-) )

Menkheperre (Thutmose) / Fox Mulder
This pairing is clearly the result of magical sex pollen being inadvertently released from an ancient relic. )

Nishikido Ryo / Oilien
Ryo, Ryo, you really shouldn't spend so much time hanging out in dubious restrooms…  )

Saionji Kyoichi / Sakurazuka Seishirou
Despite my initial reaction when I saw this pairing, I now think this works, in a weird way.  )

Sha Gojyo / Spock
ROFL! Oh, this would be such fun.  )

Taguchi Junnosuke / Nyota Uhura
Awww. Cute! These two are just adorable together (and also highly decorative). )

Dean Winchester / Yellow Ranger
My favorite crack pairing of the bunch )
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Sessions of Parliament are certainly far more lively in South Korea than they are around here...

I love the way they throw themselves bodily into the fray. Also, note the walking sticks used as instruments of crowd control, ear grabbing, and attempts to beat opponents into submission with a phone receiver.

Other countries apparently have very lively parliament sessions, too, but I prefer the somewhat melodramatic South Korean way to the full-on "street warfare" Indian parliament fight, the Ukrainian egg missiles and smoke bombs, and even the (comparatively sedate) Czech one-on-one bitch-slapping fest.
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Shit My Students Write

Excerpts from students' essays that will give you a whole new perspective on life, literature, history, and all that shit. (I paraphrase.) Some of my favorites:

Mugging angst
At some point in a person’s life, they are a teenager, and every teenager is sure to hold a mug of angst close at hand.

Took the words right out of that book.
Its not really plagiarism as it was exactly what I was going to write anyway.
More bonmots under the cut! )

Damn You, Autocorrect!

Which has taught me that no matter what, you should never ever text any older relatives or business acquaintances on an iPhone. OTOH, frat buddies and other parties who accept "syphilis!" as a cheery all-purpose greeting are probably okay.

This one isn't one of the really funny ones, but it reminds me of a pair of sparkly dancing boys, so... )
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I have discovered the most brilliant oranges known to mankind: Vampyria blood oranges from Sicily.

No, really. Not kidding here.

Have a look (and take the Sicilian vampire blood orange fanfic poll): )

I'm a fan. Witness my new icon. :-)

In conclusion: I want some of the crack this advertising agency was smoking.
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It is a weighty, age-old question: If your OTP characters are in different parts of a grocery store but have visual contact, can A convey to B – without shouting – that A wants B to pick up some broccoli?

The famous "broccoli test" – as far as I know – was originally devised by Starsky&Hutch and/or The Professionals fans, as a telling measure of a pairing's rapport (or characteristic communication problems, as the case may be).

But I ask you, where on earth are all the stories? The subject is fairly shouting out for fiction. Pass or fail, there should be stories! So, here's my attempt to show how things might play out for one of my pairings.

The Broccoli Conundrum: Junno and Ryo )

What about your pairings of choice? Do they pass or fail the broccoli test? Write! Show me! Ask all your friends! For the love of broccoli! :-)

Also, because I can, a poll!
Poll #1340 Junno, Ryo and the Problem of Broccoli
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 1

Do Junno and Ryo pass the broccoli test?

View Answers

Yes! They are the kings of broccoli.
0 (0.0%)

They pass the first time, but fail the second.
1 (100.0%)

They fail the first, but pass the second.
0 (0.0%)

Total fail! No broccoli!
0 (0.0%)

Your limited poll options restrict me! Let me tell you how it really is:

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I am watching Nobuta wo Produce* for the first time ([personal profile] solo is showing it to me, and we are only up to ep 4, so no spoilers, please!). It’s a great series, I think, funny and interesting with engaging characters.

Nobuta also features an… interesting animation for the opening and closing credits: the dramatic love story of two pastel piglets. At first glance, this is surprising, seeing as piglets – pastel or otherwise – play absolutely no part in Nobuta itself, and the piglet plot seems unconnected to anything in the Nobuta plot. But once you think about it for a while, the Piglets’ Deeper Meaning™ becomes clear!

Warning: This post may surpass your recommended daily dose of silliness and talk about animated piglets. If in doubt, please consult your physician. Also: pastel piglet picspam behind the cut!

The Piglets’ Tale )

Now I want piggy slash. :-) Anyone who writes me a Green Piggy/Pink Piggy slash story (hurt/comfort or angst would both be fine!) will receive a drabble of their choice, in the fandoms and pairings of my known preferences. *g*

* For those of you who have no idea what this may be, it is a Japanese TV series about two mismatched and unlikely high-school heroes taking on the project of making a girl who is the single most unlikely candidate for popularity popular. Like many plots of dubious inherent interest, it rises and falls with the execution – which, in this case, is very good.
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Oh, Junno. Why?

I like to call the item of clothing Junno is modelling here The Yellow Pants of Horror. )

Meet The Florida Pensioner Suit. )

Here, Junno pioneers the "victim of marauding denim pushers" look. )

If you need to recover after all that, rest your eyes on Junno looking very nice in a plain white t-shirt. *g*

What are the worst fashion crimes the other KAT-TUN members have committed*? Do you know of other horrors Junno has inflicted upon the eyes of innocent fans*? Shock me with the evidence!

* In the interest of fairness, though, no photoshoot pics where they were obviously forced to don whatever horror it is they're wearing. Just stuff they seem to have picked out themselves. Also no stage costumes... that's a different crime scene. ;-)

ETA: I have since been informed that Junno can't be blamed for the heinous crime of The Denim Monstrosity - it was actually perpetrated by a cruel comedian who made him wear it! Poor innocent Junno, I have wronged him grievously.

On the other hand, what does it say that I believed him fully capable of wearing that thing of his own free will? *g*


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