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Heard on the radio: the alternative oscars. Aaaand the winners are...

Best president impersonator: Donald Trump!

Best costume: Ivanka Trump!

Best special effects: Vladimir Putin for the results of the US presidential election 2016!
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I don't know what it is about this spam email, but I find it strangely endearing in its awkwardness:

A naked brunette will come to you on Christmas

Sexy lady for a real man!

I am well-shaped, elegant, emotional and hot!

Well said, naked brunette. I am seriously tempted to nominate this well-shaped sexy lady for Yuletide 2017. ;-)
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Translation suggestion for "Roll gently between palms before use":

Rollen Sie sanft zwischen Palmen vor dem Gebrauch. (= Roll around gently between palm trees before use.)

You know what, that sounds like a lovely and fun idea. I want to go roll around gently right now!
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Via [personal profile] darkangel_0410, the best reason for tumblr I have yet encountered: A blog devoted to serious and thoughtful reviews of dick pics as erotic art.

In the words of critiquing your dick pics with love's creator, it is:

a blog with a simple, self-explanatory premise: men (and other people with penises) send me pictures of their dicks, and I critique them with love. “With love” refers to my policy of being neutral about the size of someone’s dick and refusing to shame sender’s bodies, but it’s not about being saccharine or coddling: I don’t mince my words when someone sends me a thoughtless, lazy shot (although I do still try to be somewhat encouraging and constructive).

If you were wondering, common mistakes of the dick pic genre include "the log" (the erroneous assumption that size is all that matters), bad lighting, cluttered backgrounds, and coldness.

I would never have thought dick pics could be so interesting a subject, but they are. There is a lot of vulnerability, self-consciousness and insecurity at play here, too, and all in all it's a rather more complex and interesting matter than I would have thought, had I ever previously given the matter a second's thought.

In this article, the reviewer explains how the blog got started, what it is all about, and what she learned from it.

And here is an excellent interview with the dick pic reviewer in which she also reflects on the dearth of vag pics.

Not safe for work, obviously!
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I've just read a story that referenced Mozart's aria "Im Möhrenland gefangen" - or, in English, "Imprisoned in the Land of the Carrots".

What a difference a letter makes. Though really, I like to think that Mozart would indeed have written this aria, if only it had occurred to him. ;-)
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Well-known SF authors Jim Hines, Charles Stross, John Scalzi and Patrick Rothfuss made a promise: If fans donated a certain amount of money for a good cause, they would pose to recreate a SF novel cover. The fans came through... and so did the authors.

The cover in question? Here it is.

See the stunning cover cover beneath the cut! )

I would so buy that book. Why can't I buy this book? I really, really want to have this book on my shelf!

And here's the whole story, as told by Jim "Blue Boxer Babe" Hines himself!

(Thanks for the head-up, [profile] ari_! This is so brilliant. *g*)
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OMG, you guys! There is a sequel!!

The manufacturers of the mobile X-ray device for dentists have created another ad, and have still not shelled out money for an advertising agency. I hope they never do, because I want to see many more of their glorious in-house creations.  )

This series of ads is starting to look like a possible Yuletide fandom. ;-) I don't know if many teeth get fixed in this fictional practice, but everyone certainly looks to be having a lot of fun…


Jan. 15th, 2012 05:44 pm
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Due to unforseen circumstances, I have at last decided to stick a toe into the cold waters of tumblr. (Amusingly enough, when I tried to sign up I logged in instead - seems that I had already signed up, some unspecified time ago. *cough*) I expect I won't be doing anything very interesting over there, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

Are you on tumblr? What blogs there are not to be missed? Tell me!

Also: Is this a medium where you read through your entire friendslist, as on LJ, or do you just glance at it from time to time with no attempt at completism, as on twitter?

In other news: [personal profile] setsuna_jiba has shared another brilliant advertising mishap with me. If your company is called locum, what would be a bad idea...? Maybe using a heart instead of the o? )
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I have discovered the most hilariously bad ad know to man. It's for a portable x-ray device for dentists, and I don't even know where to start.

You'll have to see it to believe it! )

We laughed about this all day at work. Certainly one way of grabbing people's attention! ;-)
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From now on, this is my personal canon - it makes about a hundred times more sense. Plus, this epilogue rocks.

So. Much. Better.
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Ever wonder where all those cat videos and pics on the web come from?

Well, wonder no more.

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Someone has made a list of the Five Most Baffling Sex Scenes in the History of Fanfiction. The list includes Frank N. Furter / Methos slash... which - get this - only comes in at third place.

Actually, I wonder how the authors cut the list down to just five scenes! Wow, all the stories I would nominate for a list like that...

How about you? What are the most baffling fanfic sex scenes you've ever read (or written)?
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Sessions of Parliament are certainly far more lively in South Korea than they are around here...

I love the way they throw themselves bodily into the fray. Also, note the walking sticks used as instruments of crowd control, ear grabbing, and attempts to beat opponents into submission with a phone receiver.

Other countries apparently have very lively parliament sessions, too, but I prefer the somewhat melodramatic South Korean way to the full-on "street warfare" Indian parliament fight, the Ukrainian egg missiles and smoke bombs, and even the (comparatively sedate) Czech one-on-one bitch-slapping fest.
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Shit My Students Write

Excerpts from students' essays that will give you a whole new perspective on life, literature, history, and all that shit. (I paraphrase.) Some of my favorites:

Mugging angst
At some point in a person’s life, they are a teenager, and every teenager is sure to hold a mug of angst close at hand.

Took the words right out of that book.
Its not really plagiarism as it was exactly what I was going to write anyway.
More bonmots under the cut! )

Damn You, Autocorrect!

Which has taught me that no matter what, you should never ever text any older relatives or business acquaintances on an iPhone. OTOH, frat buddies and other parties who accept "syphilis!" as a cheery all-purpose greeting are probably okay.

This one isn't one of the really funny ones, but it reminds me of a pair of sparkly dancing boys, so... )
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I have discovered the most brilliant oranges known to mankind: Vampyria blood oranges from Sicily.

No, really. Not kidding here.

Have a look (and take the Sicilian vampire blood orange fanfic poll): )

I'm a fan. Witness my new icon. :-)

In conclusion: I want some of the crack this advertising agency was smoking.
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Seen first in [livejournal.com profile] marinarusalka's LJ, then all over.

Sum up your former/current fandoms in a few sentences, as if they were human beings/very convincing sockpuppets on your flist. Ask your friends to guess which fandoms you're talking about!

While I've written fanfic in all of these fandoms, I haven't actually posted (or even finished) it in all of them. )
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Having just cleaned up my icons, I will resurrect the icon meme [livejournal.com profile] liviapenn invented last year.
All characters depicted in my icons are listed and paired off in alphabetical order. The result: some truly startling crossovers. *g*

I dare you - yes, you *g* - to write one of these. ;-) )
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This week, a local radio station is broadcasting cultural tips for tourists travelling to Germany, found in travel guides from around the world. Today, I bring you China.

What should Chinese tourists know when visiting Germany? You might be surprised.

Do not make Germans too many compliments. They will gain the impression you look down on them if you do, and feel insulted.
Clearly, Germans are strangely - and somewhat rabidly - modest. Or perhaps unreasonably touchy... or both. (Feel free to heap as many compliments on me as you wish, by the way. I might grow embarrassed at some point, but I assure you that I will not be insulted. *g*)

When in Germany, do not whisper. If you do, Germans will assume you have something to hide.

Do not stare at Germans, or they will assume you have something against them.
This one is actually fairly good advice, and I assume it holds true all over the world.

When visiting a German fish restaurant, do not talk during the meal. This is considered rude.
Picture all the poor Chinese tourists sitting in German fish restaurants as silent as the grave for fear of being rude.

But, most importantly, my personal favorite:

Under no circumstances should you ask for milk at breakfast! Germans abhor milk at the breakfast table.

You may want to kindly, but sternly inform any Germans you know of this. It's appalling, the rudeness all around. Only look at all those Germans talking in fish restaurants and guzzling milk at the breakfast table...
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YES! I tracked it down!

This is for you, [livejournal.com profile] koorifumi. :-)
(size of file: 4.19 MB)

Also a must-see for anyone else who likes bodyguards, snarky, funny and intelligent commercials, short movies, and/or (sun)glasses. Trust me - you want to have a look.

Notes )


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