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By complete accident, aka Sneak Preview, I watched Leonardo DiCaprio's new movie The Wolf of Wall Street this week.

No spoilers, but a strong opinion. )
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The Eastern European version of dubbing freaks me out - one impassive male voice, reading translations of all of the actors' parts while the original track runs in the background. It has something oddly disconcerting to it. Or is it just me?

Perhaps it's just that my introduction to the phenomenon was so startling. Once, long ago, I mistakenly began to watch a film that I assumed was Hamlet. As it turned out, it was a porn spoof of Hamlet, in Italian, with an utterly impassive Polish guy flatly translating all the traditional porn dialogue. (Ophelia's breasts were like well-stuffed sausages and reached down to her navel - it looked incredibly painful, actually. Poor girl. And everyone in Elsinore had loads of sex except for Hamlet, who mostly restricted himself to wandering about speechifying and failing to notice all the people having sex. He and Horatio did not get it on, sad to say, although they did tag team several scullery maids.)

I am so, so sorry that I did not keep this movie. The voice-over turned it into a surrealist work of art.

But in the case of all movies that are *not* porn versions of some Shakespeare play or other - what on earth is wrong with subtitles? Far less freaky, and even faster and cheaper!

(This entry brought to you by an unexpected Russian voice-over.)

3D and I

Jun. 10th, 2012 10:23 pm
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Full disclosure: I've only seen a single movie in 3D (Avengers), and the only reason I did was because there was no non-3D version showing. After having finally dipped my reluctant toe into the three-dimensional CGI pool, I have to say: I certainly hope the fad for showing big-budget action movies in 3D dies down soon.

I did not find that the 3D effect added anything to my viewing experience, and did find it detracted from it in several ways.  )

So, what do you think about 3D?


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