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So, I haven't even seen Person of Interest 3x09 - or indeed any episode in S3 except for the first one, which so underwhelmed me that I've been putting off watching any more.

Cut for extremely vague spoilers )
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Once I had determined that Person of Interest shows a very interesting relationship, and had watched all the eps there were to watch, I went looking for fanfic. This is my normal modus operandi.

About slash fanfic, or the comparative scarcity thereof. )

About 'undercover as a gay couple' fics. )

About all those other missing fics.  )

I have found some truly excellent POI slash stories, mind you. Their number is just depressingly small.
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I am the kind of person who goes to a James Bond movie and is then bothered by Bond getting his novelty gun to Shanghai on a commercial flight, and being immune to hypothermia. So it will not surprise you that I have my share of gripes concerning Person of Interest. They don't diminish my enjoyment of the show, at least not generally. But even so, they can be annoying and distracting... as well as amusing. :-) And I like to voice them!

Hence, here are some plot details that could really have used more thought.

About Bear. )

Aside: About interesting parallels. )

About Foe (1x08). )

About Masquerade (2x03). )

About 2пR (2x11). )

I will refrain from going into the fight scenes and the body armor that evidently works like an invisible force field, also protecting head, neck and all other potentially endangered body parts. These things are like TV bodyguarding: narrative conventions that I try hard to just ignore. ;-)

So, what do you think about all of this? Have any gripes of your own?
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Spoiler warning: These are general musings that don't contain any specific plot spoilers, but do refer to general characterization and relationship trends and developments. There are thus very vague spoilers for the entire series up to the present, and more specific spoilers about a single introductory, not plot-relevant scene of episode 2x17 (Proteus).

About Reese signing over his soul to Finch. )

About Reese's recovery, and the bounds thereof. )

About a scene I really like. )

About Finch holding Reese's soul in trust and Finch's Ominous Past. )

So much for my rambling. :-) What do you think?
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In my ongoing mission to catch up on shows the rest of the fannish world has already seen, I've finally watched Person of Interest. Wisely, this time I chose to skip the first episode entirely, avoiding the gut-level recoil that foiled my first attempt at watching the series.

Second time lucky! I enjoyed it this time around, and have inadvertently written rather a lot about my thoughts on it all. And since I don't want to drop a huge block of tl;dr on everyone's head, I'll post said thoughts in installments over the next few days.

So: I hereby declare this week Person of Interest Week on my LJ!

I hope you'll drop by! Bring friends! Analyze, discuss, squee, gripe and opine! Drinks are on me. :-)

Unfortunately, I have yet to find any nice POI icons. That will be my first task, I think.


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