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Have some lovely pics of Spartacus cast members wet, sexy, happy - and in a bathtub. Brilliant photographer TJ Scott took these pics for a so-called coffee table book, with all proceeds to go to breast cancer research.

I'm sad to say that I've never met a coffee table that boasted books like this. Clearly my life has been wasted.

Spartacus / Liam McIntyre )

Agron / Dan Feuerriegel )

Nasir / Pana Hema Taylor )

Castus / Blessing Mokgohloa )

Naevia / Lesley-Anne Brandt )

Naevia / Cynthia Addai-Robinson )

Mira / Katrina Law )

Kore / Jenna Lind )

I'm going to miss this series so much... and not just because of the pretty! *sob*
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In a rare stroke of genius, I have commissioned a Junno picture by the very talented [personal profile] pana.

Gorgeous, no?

Junno (by pana)
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Oh, Junno. Why?

I like to call the item of clothing Junno is modelling here The Yellow Pants of Horror. )

Meet The Florida Pensioner Suit. )

Here, Junno pioneers the "victim of marauding denim pushers" look. )

If you need to recover after all that, rest your eyes on Junno looking very nice in a plain white t-shirt. *g*

What are the worst fashion crimes the other KAT-TUN members have committed*? Do you know of other horrors Junno has inflicted upon the eyes of innocent fans*? Shock me with the evidence!

* In the interest of fairness, though, no photoshoot pics where they were obviously forced to don whatever horror it is they're wearing. Just stuff they seem to have picked out themselves. Also no stage costumes... that's a different crime scene. ;-)

ETA: I have since been informed that Junno can't be blamed for the heinous crime of The Denim Monstrosity - it was actually perpetrated by a cruel comedian who made him wear it! Poor innocent Junno, I have wronged him grievously.

On the other hand, what does it say that I believed him fully capable of wearing that thing of his own free will? *g*
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Allow me to introduce you to craziness, highly attractive young men, insane costumes, rampant slashiness, pop music with a side of synchronized acrobatics and superheroes, no-holds-barred general wackiness, and sheer cracky fun: in other words, the Japanese boybands KAT-TUN, Kanjani8 and NewS.

Before I inflict my most recent fannish creations on my unsuspecting friendslist, it's only fair that I issue some advance warning in the form of an explanation of who these people are. *g* This will also enable you to flee betimes, should you so desire.

Please note that this is not a balanced presentation in any way. I have a very definite focus. :-)

Warning: Picspam behind the cut(s)!

A highly attractive dork of a sparkly dancing boy )

His group, six guys of varying levels of attractiveness, dorkiness and sparkliness )

Ryo, Kanjani8 and NewS
A different sparkly dancing boy and his groups (plural) )

The natural environment of the sparkly dancing boy
Idols and fictional vs. real gayness )

I will spare you the account of how I got into this – yeah, I've written that out too, but I think this is more than enough for one day. :-)
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After a long search, I have at last found high-quality pictures of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand! And I want to share them - only partly because I harbor a vague hope that someone will feel inspired to make icons, which I will then be able to snag. *g*

Warning! This is picspam of the worst kind. Dial-up users beware.

WTF? I have no idea who these people are. Explain yourself, woman! )

OMG! Yes, I know who these people are. Take me directly to the pictures! )


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