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Lately I've been feeling like a pack of wild wolves are chasing me through the woods. Perhaps I should not sign up for Yuletide and add another wolf to the pack.

But... who would request the Dubious Dentists? Or rather the ZAP Dental Ads, as they are now more formally known...
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So, I bought a set of socks with the days of the week written on them... and not only am I not wearing them on the correct days, but I am actually mixing up the days in the pairs. On any given Thursday, my left foot could be lingering on in Tuesday while my right foot has skipped ahead to Saturday.

I am such a rebel, you guys.

In other news, RL has been insane and filled with horrible administrative tasks. Possibly this is the cause of my crazed glee at time travel through days of the week socks.
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Jesus' loincloth has cursed me with the cold from hell.

True story.


Mar. 8th, 2014 12:58 pm
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When I was talking to a friend's husband yesterday, the following conversation ensued...

FH: What kind of things do you write?

Me (accurate yet sneakily evasive): Fantasy, mostly.

FH: Not gruesome horror, or bloody crime?

Me: ...gruesome horror?

FH: It's just that you look so virtuous / well-behaved / upright.

(There's no good one-word translation for the term he used, but sadly FH is correct: I do indeed look like this. It's tragic. But occasionally helpful, particularly when robbing banks and/or writing m/m porn.)

FH: I figured you had to be writing some particularly gruesome horror or bloody crime fiction, looking like that.

Me: Well, there is an erotic element.

FH: Ha! I knew it!

I like this guy. ;-)
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Yesterday I had tea with a woman I know completely un-fannishly, and she asked me about my writing until I caved and told her that I'd also written a lot of fanfic. She was very interested and asked about the fandoms I had written in. I then immediately discovered she used to be a huge X-Files fan... when I tested this slightly by asking whether she knew who Alex Krycek was, she turned big eyes on me and said "of course I know who Alex Krycek is!" in a very "hello, excuse you" tone. She also immediately mentioned Tunguska. *g*

So then she continued asking very interested questions about whether she could read my fanfic, and I told her it might not be her thing because of all the explicit gay romance.

Long story short: I have just sent her "Gift of an Enemy".

This is an experiment of sorts: I've always been very shy about my slash fiction with people I know in non-fannish Real Life. Let's see how this turns out.
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Second bout of tonsilitis in six weeks; like the last one, it is smart enough to pretend not to be bacterial so the doctor won't prescribe antibiotics. Undercover bacteria masquerading as a viral infection... the wonders of evolution. Last time, the critters' cover was blown in the end - the antibiotics did the job when I finally got them. So this time, the doctor wants to grow a culture and take a mug-shot to see who exactly we're dealing with. While I applaud this in theory, in practice I'm not getting antibiotics until the results are in. Which will not be before Monday.

This has the potential to turn very nasty. Also, want to bet that no bacteria will grow in the culture, everyone will continue to tell me it's viral, and I will not get any antibiotics? I'd try to grow my own, but I'm allergic to penicillin.

In other news, this is the Steamy M/M November Writing Project's wordcount after yesterday:

45007 / 60000 words. 75% done!

Sexual content: 0

This may well turn out to be the most chaste thing I have ever written. WTF?
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Making pelmeni with my beautiful new pelmeniza tonight. Yay for ingenious Russian kitchen implements!

Anyone interested in a photo documentary? ;-)
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Picture the following situation. You've found a rec for a story that sounds amazing. You follow the link and have a look at the first paragraphs. Wow, this looks great - you're hooked already. You can't wait to read the rest of this story! You go to download it so you can throw it on your trusty ebook reader... And discover that the story is posted in 3455 isty bitsy chapters, on a site that doesn't allow readers to view the entire story. (I will never understand this, btw. Why on earth would anyone think this is a good way to present a story?)


But never fear - there is a solution! I've come across the perfect fanfic downloading tool.

FanFictionDownloader will download your story in one convenient file. All 3455 chapters of it, just like that. It works with fanfiction.net, adultfanfiction, fictionpress, mediaminer and a bunch of other archives. And it saves the story in any of 14 formats, including html, rtf, pdf, epub and mobi. It's also completely free (though the creator does accept donations).

I am in love.

In other news, I spent the day assembling shelving units, some of them with drawers featuring complicated slides. I had neither instructions nor any hint of spatial awareness to aid me, and yet I never faltered! I rule. Then I baked the best chocolate cookies in existence. A day well spent.

* Is it just me or is this a problem for other fanfic readers, too? In extreme cases, I've given up on stories entirely because of this. I don't like reading fanfic on the computer screen, and I'm not enthused about spending ages saving individual chapters and combining them into a single file, either.
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I have more lovely, lovely cards! Thank you so much, [personal profile] setsuna_jiba and [personal profile] regann! I especially love the seal (!), the fluttery little hearts and the glitter, respectively. :-)

My own offer of Spring Cards is still open, BTW, if anyone else wants to sign up.

In other news, I hope all of you slide, dance, read, sleep or otherwise make your way into a wonderful new year - either tonight or at the appropriate time, as appointed by your preferred calendars. I have a good feeling about this one, and my feelings are never wrong.

Since my writing muscles have gotten quite rusty lately, I plan to post more often next year. I'm thinking I'll ramble a bit about books, TV series, meta, and random things that pop into my head... it's also possible I may recklessly post memes and pictures.

Of course I also plan to write far more fiction, as well.

I will probably not eat fewer cookies. But that's all right, really. I can deal. ;-)
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So yesterday night, I was driving innocently home after roleplaying (I have found a new group, yay! hi, [personal profile] ellensmithee! *g*), two fellow roleplayers along, when a police car subtly appeared behind me and gave subtle, but odd light signals. I would never have noticed this, if not for Fellow Roleplayer 1.

FR1: There's a police car behind us.
Me: Really?
Police car *flashes red light on top of car, which may or may not be a sign of some kind, but which I can't read in rear-view mirror*
Me: Huh. Okay, guess I'll pull over.
Policeman: Good evening. We're from [police district quite a bit from where we actually are]. Could I see your driver's license and registration?
Me: Sure.
Policeman: So, did you drink any alcohol tonight?
Me: No.
The Tale Comenceth )
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My elbow and wrist are still not quite back to normal, but much, much better. Also, I now have very fashionable colored bandages in azure, Prussian blue, spring green, crimson, fuchsia and black. It makes all the difference. :-) Of course, I have not spent my weekend employing my returned ability to be productive in order to be productive. Instead, I have lazed about, drunk gallons of tea, read fanfic, watched Vampire Diaries, and otherwise frittered my time away. I also brunched with [personal profile] ellensmithee, and entirely failed to feed myself like a responsible adult. OTOH, that cake did have fruit in it, and there actually was fruit on top of the frozen yoghurt.

So, it is time for a meme to wake me up and get me back into the zone.*

Ask me questions from the list below! I've taken [personal profile] destina's example and helpfully removed the ones I don't want to answer ahead of time. Which doesn't mean that some of the ones I left in won't make me think, or that I might not have good answers for every one.

Comment with one or more numbers and I will answer them. If you don't specify a particular fandom, I will choose one on my own to answer with. )

* I don't know what zone exactly, but it sounded good. So.
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So, two days ago, I sprained my elbow (and my wrist) in a spectacular gravity-defying leap to save -

Yeah, no. I tripped over a piece of furniture. Errrm. I never get the cool injuries; with me, it's always "I fell down three shallow steps like a boss" or "my couch won the fight of 'who will be sneakier and trip the other first!'.

I have since:
  • developed a genius technique to one-handedly peel and chop onions (I expect to patent this method soon and make a million, since it is impossible to dice onions one-handedly without it),

  • sliced very tough and recalcitrant sausages with one hand and one foot, which is a feat I expect to receive a medal for any time now, and

  • not worn a bra (if one of you has patented a method to one-handedly close a bra, please do get in touch with me!).

Anyway, this makes typing a challenge and means I will probably be rather quiet and un-commenty for a few days. :-( Either that, or I will learn to transcend and/or ignore the pain, that is also possible.
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As of yesterday evening, I am online again!

This is cause for great rejoicing. For a while there I thought I wouldn't see the internets again this side of 2009. Because of course all did not go smoothly with my provider change, and there was much cold sweat and weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth (and an interesting no-DSL-ever-again nightmare). But hey, all's well that ends well, right? And there's time to hunt down and squash the remaining bugs.

Oh internet, oh joy!

Now I can finally burble happily about all the lovely cards I got while I was offline. Thank you so much for the seasonal greetings for Christmas, Solstice and Fruit Cake Day! There are lovely homemade cards, there is a Japanese woodprint, there are snowmen and reindeer and angels and trees, there is lots of glitter, there is a pirate stamp and bilingual greetings. There are even two wonderful stories, one about my favorite angel and demon suffering through a solstice with too much cholesterol and an embarrassing potato debacle, and one about my favorite pair of hunters celebrating the holidays in another galaxy, with socks. :-)))

It's so wonderful to receive cards from all over the world - and it was particularly wonderful this year because it made me feel connected to you all even without a working internet connection. (No, seriously. It's just a habit. I can stop any time I want to.)

I hope you are all having a wonderful time - whether you are celebrating or not!
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If you'd like to receive a card from me in January, please comment with your address! Comments are screened, and I am not a crazy stalker. Honest. :-)

The chances of a story accompanying the card are very slim this year, unless you are partial to handsome boybandish Japanese dorks. Do feel free to mention if you are! Though I warn you that it may be the wiser choice to keep it quiet – I have a small epic in the works that will need beta-readers at some point. *g*

In other news: I'm switching providers and will be offline for an unspecified amount of time beginning this Monday. (They assure me - in soothing tones - that it may only be a few hours, but no more than six days on the outside. I interpret this to mean that they don't want to aggravate the crazy woman and that anything up to two months is possible.)

I'll be able to read e-mails at work, but beyond that... Ack. Not thinking about that before I have to, though. Instead, I will go write. :-)
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Two weeks ago, my computer died on me - and due to a series of what basically amounts to the pc equivalents of amusing pratfalls and pies in the face (or rather the mainboard), it's taken me until now to get a new system up and running. Before you ask, no, I hadn't made a proper safety copy of all my data. I have always been obsessive about backing everything up... except for the last couple of months, when I relaxed because I had a brand-new harddrive and too much trust in the universe. (Yeah, you can already hear the audience beginning to chortle as the pie is raised.)

To summarize: Argh.

Still, subtract the stress of suddenly being thrust into a pc-less world and the damage isn't that bad. I have the latest versions of my most important files, by which I mean my various writing endeavors. :-) The rest, I can beg, borrow and/or steal, as appropriate. (Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] solo___ and [livejournal.com profile] k_julia, for letting me. *g*)

But. Uhm. There's this new thing. I hesitate to call it a fandom just yet, especially since I have of course managed to slide into it ass-backwards and wrong way up and then compounded the problem by insisting on not actually being interested in any of the main pairings that anyone *else* in the world is interested in. Noooo, of course I had to go and find myself a corner of the new playground in which I am absolutely alone. And then collect a huge bunch of pics and info and videos in a very short time and start writing a story at breakneck speeds - and then have the data go poof and the story stall for lack of a real computer to write it on.

Argh, squared.

Vague enough yet? *g* Yeah, you'll hear more about this new thing (TM) soon, when I have gathered the resolve to out myself. Just let me whine a bit first. ;-)

Anyway! If anything interesting / exciting / wonderful happened in the last two weeks that you think I should know about, please let me know!

Also, just how subsceptible are you guys to pimpage...?

Why I ask? Oh... no particular reason. *whistles*
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Just in case anyone wonders where I've gotten to: I'm leaving for Japan tomorrow, where I plan to spend three weeks watching the cherry blossom, running around a lot doing the tourist thing, and stuffing myself with good food.

Given how much of a dedicated lurker I am, chances are no-one would have noticed. *g* Still, just in case: I'm not ignoring you! I'm just not here. :-)
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...you distinctly hear your co-worker earnestly assure you that he will return in a moment with two large kappas.

I'm sorry to say that he did not make good on this promise.


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