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The sakura dreamt.

It dreamt of youth, long ago, when the sap had run thin and risen like fire every spring. It dreamt of its first companion, a blur of presence and an aristocratically pale, well-tended hand, leaving an imprint of blood on supple bark. It dreamt of blossoms, and death, and darkness.

It dreamt of him, an image of sound, a mental touch as smooth and dark as blood, a slow sweet swell of awareness that was hard to interpret as anything but arousal. It dreamt of feeding.

Seishirou dreamt the sakura's dreams and woke up hungry.
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Inappropriate Crossover. X/1999 AU, diverging from canon after volume 16 of the manga. At least I assume this is an AU. With CLAMP, who knows?

This might not make sense even if you do know the manga. I also refuse to be held liable for any pains and/or traumata this might induce in hapless readers. Proceed at your own peril.

This is entirely [livejournal.com profile] me_n_thee's fault, by the way. :-) And Solo, you do realize that it's now your turn? *g*

An Eye for an Eye )
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No doubt everyone has seen these before, but...

There are many amusing things about Weiss Kreuz, and this is just one of them: Bashing Official Images

By contrast, the X/1999 movie was rather more traumatizing than amusing. The Sarcastic Anime Guide, however, has convinced me that the pain of watching the thing was almost worth the joy of being able to fully appreciate this review: The Generally Sarcastic Guide to Anime: X, the Movie

The Generally Sarcastic Weiss Kreuz Review is also very amusing, though this series doesn't really need a sarcastic guide. I find it does a very good job of being (unintentionally) amusing on its own.

For the FF8 gamers - Squall, Edea and Rinoa as My Little Pony collectables. (Personally, I'd love a Seishirou My Little Pony - with sunglasses and a little trenchcoat and an air of superior coolness and a sprinkling of delicate pink sakura petals and blood on its hooves... oh, and a shikigami in the shape of an eagle on its shoulder, and perhaps some ofuda and a cigarette.)

In "Liquidating the Assets" by Fahye, the Dragons of Earth have a small problem with financing the apocalypse.

And while I'm at it, here's a hilarious Weiss Kreuz filk you probably all know already, but still: "The Florists Who Don't Do Anything" (by llamajoy and Tenshi)

Anyone have a link to the infamous footage of the Japanese "Card Captor Sakura" Cosplayer?


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