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Via [personal profile] darkangel_0410, the best reason for tumblr I have yet encountered: A blog devoted to serious and thoughtful reviews of dick pics as erotic art.

In the words of critiquing your dick pics with love's creator, it is:

a blog with a simple, self-explanatory premise: men (and other people with penises) send me pictures of their dicks, and I critique them with love. “With love” refers to my policy of being neutral about the size of someone’s dick and refusing to shame sender’s bodies, but it’s not about being saccharine or coddling: I don’t mince my words when someone sends me a thoughtless, lazy shot (although I do still try to be somewhat encouraging and constructive).

If you were wondering, common mistakes of the dick pic genre include "the log" (the erroneous assumption that size is all that matters), bad lighting, cluttered backgrounds, and coldness.

I would never have thought dick pics could be so interesting a subject, but they are. There is a lot of vulnerability, self-consciousness and insecurity at play here, too, and all in all it's a rather more complex and interesting matter than I would have thought, had I ever previously given the matter a second's thought.

In this article, the reviewer explains how the blog got started, what it is all about, and what she learned from it.

And here is an excellent interview with the dick pic reviewer in which she also reflects on the dearth of vag pics.

Not safe for work, obviously!


Jan. 15th, 2012 05:44 pm
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Due to unforseen circumstances, I have at last decided to stick a toe into the cold waters of tumblr. (Amusingly enough, when I tried to sign up I logged in instead - seems that I had already signed up, some unspecified time ago. *cough*) I expect I won't be doing anything very interesting over there, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

Are you on tumblr? What blogs there are not to be missed? Tell me!

Also: Is this a medium where you read through your entire friendslist, as on LJ, or do you just glance at it from time to time with no attempt at completism, as on twitter?

In other news: [personal profile] setsuna_jiba has shared another brilliant advertising mishap with me. If your company is called locum, what would be a bad idea...? Maybe using a heart instead of the o? )


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