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Some more thoughts on The Witcher. Currently, I have just arrived in Vizima, so if you know the game, please don't spoil me for what follows. (Though really, I suspect there isn't that much to spoil.)

First of all: This is a gorgeous world. My experience with gaming worlds is very limited so far, but I find this one beautifully done, down to the flocks of birds that shy away with realistic wing-sounds when you approach. Aesthetically speaking, The Witcher is far lovelier than Dragon Age, and on that level I find it a joy to play in. The world-building is also quite interesting so far, though I am reserving judgement because I haven't gotten a good overview yet.

The plot(s) are failing to grab me, however, which I attribute to the general sense of detachment I have from the game. And this, I lay squarely at the feet of the sole playable character, Geralt of Rivia.

Spoilers follow beneath the cut! )

So, have any of you played The Witcher? What did you think about it?
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Half an hour into playing the Witcher, all I can think about is how much I want to take this woman aside for a few words. Cut for non-spoilery image )

Also, while googling (in vain) for a mod that would get this woman into some actual clothes, I found gamers heaping derision on people who "want a medieval setting" and then complain about misogyny. In these guys' minds, misogyny belongs in fantasy video games, because realism.*

Dear historically clueless gamers, this will come as a terrible shock, but none of these games feature a medieval setting. These are fantasy settings, as you can tell by the presence of monsters, magic, gods, demons, dragons, and assorted other absurdly unrealistic elements. The presence of castles and a bunch of dudes in armor swinging around swords does not make a setting medieval. It makes it a fantasy setting with a frosting of pseudo-medieval romanticism.

When building a fantasy setting with a vague, romantic medieval ambience, there is no realism to be preserved. If misogyny exists in a fictional setting, it is there by someone's choice.

* Note that nobody seems to be complaining about the lack of realistic elements like bad teeth, dirty hair, women wearing clothes, women wearing actual medieval clothes, vermin, excrements in the streets, and other such things. Odd.
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As some of you know, I have recently begun playing video games. I've successfully avoided this for a long time, because I always knew it might become dangerously addictive. And what do you know – I was right. I am a sucker for any medium that will deliver a good story, and I have stumbled over Dragon Age.

Reminiscing about KGB, Blade Runner and The SIMS )

I suspect there will be more posts about this, so I apologize if you have no interest in the Dragon Age games.

Also, if you happen to know of other games with as wonderful and rich a world and characters as nuanced and interesting as the Dragon Age ones, please do rec them to me. :-) I already have the Mass Effect Trilogy waiting on my shelf... anything else I shouldn't miss?

(Sorry about the long silence, everyone. I am still alive! Real Life has merely been – real life. Enough said.)


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