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Dec. 4th, 2014 11:32 pm
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Later this month, I'm going to self-publish three m/m novels under the pen name Alex Gabriel. Two of the novels may look familiar to you, though they've been thoroughly overhauled; they're "Learning How to Lose" and "First Contact". One is brand spanking new, and is called "Love for the Cold-Blooded, or: The Evil Minion's Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero".

I am ridiculously excited, and somewhat terrified.

My website's here, if you're interested. I'm planning to post there about topics loosely related to writing and reading. If that sounds like it might be your thing, please swing by! I'd love to see you there. (Also, if you do drop by, please tell me what you think. I'd very much appreciate a heads-up on anything you feel could be improved. This includes the book blurbs.*)

I'm also on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as Alex Gabriel; the links are all on the website. I haven't really had time to do much of anything there, though, including find anyone. Not to mention that I'm still learning the ropes when it comes to the care and feeding of Facebook... but if you're hanging out thereabouts too, I'd love to meet up. :-)

* Full disclosure: Blurbs are the invention of the devil. Or perhaps a demon who didn't so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards.
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Slash fans, what is your preferred term for that part of the anatomy frequently featured in m/m sex scenes that is not the throbbing jade tower of desire?

- opening
- ass
- anus
- crinkled pink pucker of earthy delight
- ...?

Personally, I tend to feel that anus is too medical, ass only fits very specific character voices and contexts, and anything longer than one word is overthinking it. But that's just me! What about you?

Tell me! Inquiring minds, and all that. ;-)
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Parts of a plot idea have been stuck in my head for months, but they will not come together into something coherent. They will also not go away. Argh!


Mar. 8th, 2014 12:58 pm
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When I was talking to a friend's husband yesterday, the following conversation ensued...

FH: What kind of things do you write?

Me (accurate yet sneakily evasive): Fantasy, mostly.

FH: Not gruesome horror, or bloody crime?

Me: ...gruesome horror?

FH: It's just that you look so virtuous / well-behaved / upright.

(There's no good one-word translation for the term he used, but sadly FH is correct: I do indeed look like this. It's tragic. But occasionally helpful, particularly when robbing banks and/or writing m/m porn.)

FH: I figured you had to be writing some particularly gruesome horror or bloody crime fiction, looking like that.

Me: Well, there is an erotic element.

FH: Ha! I knew it!

I like this guy. ;-)
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Second bout of tonsilitis in six weeks; like the last one, it is smart enough to pretend not to be bacterial so the doctor won't prescribe antibiotics. Undercover bacteria masquerading as a viral infection... the wonders of evolution. Last time, the critters' cover was blown in the end - the antibiotics did the job when I finally got them. So this time, the doctor wants to grow a culture and take a mug-shot to see who exactly we're dealing with. While I applaud this in theory, in practice I'm not getting antibiotics until the results are in. Which will not be before Monday.

This has the potential to turn very nasty. Also, want to bet that no bacteria will grow in the culture, everyone will continue to tell me it's viral, and I will not get any antibiotics? I'd try to grow my own, but I'm allergic to penicillin.

In other news, this is the Steamy M/M November Writing Project's wordcount after yesterday:

45007 / 60000 words. 75% done!

Sexual content: 0

This may well turn out to be the most chaste thing I have ever written. WTF?
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My unofficial NaNoWriMo project was meant to be a steamy m/m romance without much plot. 25k in, the guys haven't properly met and there has hardly even been any flirting. Instead, there is a bunch of worldbuilding and an alarmingly increasing amount of plot and, just, what? How did this happen?

I honestly don't know how to feel about this. Should I drop the steamy m/m entirely? I don't want to, but it might unbalance the story. Will anyone want to read an urban fantasy that develops a heavy element of late-ignition m/m porn and romance after a completely non-steamy beginning...?

At least I'm writing again. That is in itself cause for jubilation. :-)

25041 / 60000 words. 42% done!
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Writing AU fanfic for your own unfinished original novel - odd or not?

I don't even know.
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Is anyone around who'd be willing to give me an opinion on the beginning of a very short (around 1000 words) and slightly cracky XMFC story...?

I can't decide whether or not to cut the first three paragraphs. I could really use a second opinion!

On the title too, actually. But then that's normal for me. Title-impaired should have been my middle name.
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As some of you know, I've been up to reckless fannish acts again! This time I signed up for a fanfic challenge because it looked so wonderfully cool, because the deadlines seemed soothingly far off, and - lastly - because the minimum wordcount was 5k. "5k!" I thought to myself. "Hey, self, I know you have a lot of other projects on your plate - but come on, 5k? You'll be able to fit that in no problemo".

Cue hysterical laughter here. I mean - I do actually know better. It's not like all of my longest fanfics haven't started out as short stories...

So basically, for the last few months I've spent every free minute plotting, writing, and now editing. The finished story clocks in at just under 50k, and I now have only (hah!) 15 pages of the rough draft left to edit.

Of course, as of now the story is entirely un-betaed, and the posting date is the 20th - next Friday. *headdesk*.

So, yeah. Uhm. Does anyone have a bit of spare time and feel like beta-ing a story...?

It's an X-Men First Class AU, Charles/Erik, scifi-y and rated a very light R. Maybe even PG-13 (I know, it's a surprise to me, too!). No canon knowledge is required, although I do think it adds a bit to the story - but it should work as a "straight" (in a manner of speaking) scifi story for readers who have no X-Men knowledge, too. At least that was my intention!

Oh, and the story is based on this lovely art prompt - though I did diverge from the written part of the prompt somewhat (with the artist's permission).
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Dear fanfic fans, I have a question. In your opinion, what is the best way of posting a very long piece of fanfiction (think novel, 150.000 words or more)? Please take a sec to let me know!

This way to the poll. )

Why I ask? Because I'm in the process of writing a very long piece of fanfiction, and would like to post it in a way that agrees with the readers. :-) I won't start posting before the novel's finished, by the way, so readers can be sure the story won't remain incomplete. I won't leave anyone hanging; I know how frustrating that is.

Thank you very much! :-)
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Today, I organized my epic.

Which epic, you ask? Oh, the one that started out as a short fling on my part with a fandom… and that somehow exploded into the longest fanfic novel I have ever written. And that isn't finished yet. (How do I get myself into these things? It's a long story. Not quite as long as the epic, though. *g*)

When an author's delusion she is writing a short story collides with burgeoning inspiration, the resulting writing process can be chaotic. But today, I have girded my loins and heroically waded into the fictional jungle, there to ruthlessly index, streamline and organize. As it turns out, the chaos wasn't nearly as bad as I feared – and now I totally have that epic's number. ;-)

The Epic's Number(s) )

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Undercover in a gay bar, pretending to be a couple, bodyswap, time loops, crossovers and AUs, amnesia, telepathy, superpowers… ooh yes, sign me up! *g*

There are many fanfic cliches I love passionately, so the cliche bingo challenge is right up my alley. Particularly since it's a relaxed challenge that doesn't threaten my skittish inspiration with tight deadlines. My bingo card is interesting, too – it holds few of my favorite cliches, and so (I hope!) may help me stretch my imagination in new ways.

What are your favorite fanfic cliches? Or do you hate them all with righteous zeal? Tell me! Inquiring minds want to know. :-)

Admissions over at [ profile] cliche_bingo closed early because of the unanticipated deluge of cliche-loving fanfic writers… I squeaked in just before they did, but [ profile] solo____ was not so lucky. And because I pimped the challenge to her in the first place, I am supplying her with an unofficial cliche bingo card myself. )

Did anyone else miss the chance to sign up? I'm willing to make a couple more unofficial cliche cards, if anyone's interested, because I know how much fun cliches can be. (And you could repay the favor by writing one of the cliched stories about a certain sparkly boy! But don't worry, that isn't obligatory. *g*)

ETA: Please note! When I speak of a sparkly boy, I absolutely do not mean the "Twilight" kind of sparkly vampire boy. I mean the highly attractive and dorky kind of Japanese sparkly dancing boy, who is not in himself sparkly, when not wearing sparkly clothes. Or, you know. Body glitter.
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The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.
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Today, I bring to you something I'm sure nobody expected from me: a bit of writing meta. :-)

My usual writing method is very straightforward and methodical: I start at the beginning and keep writing until I get to the end.

It helps if I don't know too much about what happens along the way, but just let the story unfold as I write. This is because if I want to find out what happens next, I have a motive for writing; if I already know everything that happens, I tend to lose interest. )

So… Do any of you usually use the alinear writing method? How do you motivate and/or inspire yourselves when the time comes to go back to the beginning – or don't you need to? Do you have a different writing method altogether? Do you have any general tips and tricks on motivation and inspiration?

This is all related to the new quasi-fandom I mentioned in my previous post… I think that I will soon have to out myself completely here, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe I can interest some of you. :-)

But now for something completely different.

Have some Snape/Nazgûl slash: vulgarweed's "Black Is the Colour" reveals the secret of just where all of those villains shop for clothes anyway (Bram's of Carpathia: The Very Finest in Sinister Menswear, if you must know), what undead witch kings use as a pickup line, and many other things you will not want to miss.

* I've done this several times, once with a really long scifi novel that I still vaguely wish could be saved – but that I still have no idea *how* to save. (Besides which so much time has passed that I'd have to rewrite the entire thing anyway to adjust the main character – he's noticably from a different phase. *g*)
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No, I am not taking part in NaNoWriMo - but I am using the Merry Month of Novel Writing to push myself into making progress on a novel I've been working on for quite a while. It's already longer than 50,000 words, but has a long way yet to go.

My goal is to write 30,000 new words by the end of the month, using NaNoWriMo methods as much as I can. (I have serious problems with not editing while I'm writing and just letting the words fall as they may. It's not my nature. But I can do a reasonable approximation. *g*) I'm not going to finish the novel this month, but as long as I get the plot and the characters moving again, I'll be happy.

1075 / 30000 words. 4% done!

These words were all written yesterday. No words today - but I hope to catch up on the weekend.


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