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Apparently, Fox is bringing back The X-Files, and have Duchovny and Anderson locked down - as well as Chris Carter.

So do they plan to pick up where they left off at the end of the trainwreck, or simply retcon that BS out of existence and start an entirely new trainwreck?

In short:

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It seems Chris Carter is poised to launch another series about - wait for it - mysterious happenings and government conspiracies surrounding top-secret US military base Area 51.

Apparently, the show is described as a contemporary conspiracy thriller revealing the true story behind the infamous Area 51, America's most mysterious military installation.

Yeah RIGHT. How about "a contemporary conspiracy thriller randomly tossing about all manner of intriguing clues and mysterious events for their momentary coolness value, only to culminate in a huge crescendo of gobbledegook because the creator had no actual concept and is at a loss of how to tie it all together".

I am strangely unenthusiastic. Fancy that.

(Am I the only one who has lived in blissful ignorance thus far...?)


Feb. 5th, 2014 01:57 pm
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I've put all of my old stories up on AO3 except for the X-Files ones - I simply haven't gotten around to them yet. It's a not inconsiderable amount of work to adjust the formatting for AO3, edit until everything works, and so forth. I kept meaning to get to it at some point in the future...

Except that now, they've suddenly appeared on the AO3 entirely without my doing, evidently because an old archive (that I had forgotten they were even on) is being imported to AO3.

And of course they are full of the screwiest of formatting, ancient out-of-order email addys and websites, and are entirely untagged. Plus there is, of course, that one story that I have since repented of, and that I had hoped would sink into merciful oblivion, never be clapped eyes on by the eyes of the living. But here it is, right there in its screwy formatting non-glory, like an unsexy zombie from my writing past.

I don't really want to deal with this right now; I'd prefer to kick the stories back to draft status and handle it later, but that seems impossible to do. So - leave them up in a state that hurts my perfectionist soul, take them down entirely, or invest time and energy into editing them that I don't have right now?

Right now I'm leaning towards just deleting them. Argh.
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Yesterday I had tea with a woman I know completely un-fannishly, and she asked me about my writing until I caved and told her that I'd also written a lot of fanfic. She was very interested and asked about the fandoms I had written in. I then immediately discovered she used to be a huge X-Files fan... when I tested this slightly by asking whether she knew who Alex Krycek was, she turned big eyes on me and said "of course I know who Alex Krycek is!" in a very "hello, excuse you" tone. She also immediately mentioned Tunguska. *g*

So then she continued asking very interested questions about whether she could read my fanfic, and I told her it might not be her thing because of all the explicit gay romance.

Long story short: I have just sent her "Gift of an Enemy".

This is an experiment of sorts: I've always been very shy about my slash fiction with people I know in non-fannish Real Life. Let's see how this turns out.


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