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Title: The Fall of Magneto
Author: Sylvia / [personal profile] rheasilvia
Pairing: Charles/Erik.
Rating: Not rated.
Disclaimer: Not my characters.
Story Notes: Mild crack based on X-Men First Class; story length ~1,400 words. Inspired by [personal profile] analise010's prompt "fall".

Summary: Erik falls. Charles is there to catch him. And it all ends up on Youtube the next morning.

The Fall of Magneto

"Pathetic," sneers Erik. The Mutant Control forces down on the street have found even more guns to point up at him.

He turns a little more into the wind, making his cape flare out dramatically. "Pathetic, vicious little creatures. Do you really think your weapons can help you now? We are the future of this world, and you are its past."

It's a good speech, and he knows for a fact that at least two cameras are recording him right now. The MC routinely record all encounters… as do the X-Men. Which makes it a particular pity that Erik never gets to finish.

"If you will not adapt," Erik intones sonorously, "then you must d–"

Story on my website / Story on AO3
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Is anyone around who'd be willing to give me an opinion on the beginning of a very short (around 1000 words) and slightly cracky XMFC story...?

I can't decide whether or not to cut the first three paragraphs. I could really use a second opinion!

On the title too, actually. But then that's normal for me. Title-impaired should have been my middle name.
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So, after a year of slacking off, I have recently started making soap again. Yin and yang, rose, lavender, coffee, pomegranate stars, neon stars, tea tree, an absolute luxury soap in two versions, one with sea-buckthorn oil...

And wow, I have never ever heard the word sea-buckthorn in English before. But why? It's awesome! Yummy and healthy and pretty. I'm a fan.

Hmm. Maybe I should write fanfic. But who would be most likely to be sea-buckthorn? I'm thinking Erik... tough, stubborn, headstrong, thorny and frequently found in difficult circumstances. Sour when caught at a bad time, but potentially sweet, healthy and delicious, and definitely well-worth the trouble. Also, very low-maintenance, despite appearances. *g*

Anyway! With one exception, I have yet to take pics of my new soaps, and I am too late to supply soap as xmas presents. However, if any of you have unfulfilled soap longings, please let me know. I have a couple of soaps left in me before my spree ends again!

I need a soap icon. Also, maybe an "I am rather odd and not ashamed of it at all" icon. ;-)
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Title: The Persistence of Iron
Author: Sylvia / [personal profile] rheasilvia
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: Rated PG-13.
Betaed by [personal profile] solo and csad. Thank you again!
Disclaimer: Not my characters.
Story Notes: AU based on X-Men First Class; story length ~48,000 words. Written for the [profile] xmenreversebang challenge, and inspired by the lovely art prompt by [profile] tindu.

Summary: Waking up in a lab with no memories and a blue-eyed stranger calling him by someone else's name is only the beginning of Erik's problems.

The Persistence of Iron

Searing heat. A roar of deafening noise. An irresistible, inestimable torrent of impact or agony that buffets him from everywhere at once, tears at him, crushes him; breaks him apart. He can't breathe, can't move, can't think, can't

"Max? Max!"


He wakes with a gasp and a whole-body jerk, breath seizing in his throat.
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As some of you know, I've been up to reckless fannish acts again! This time I signed up for a fanfic challenge because it looked so wonderfully cool, because the deadlines seemed soothingly far off, and - lastly - because the minimum wordcount was 5k. "5k!" I thought to myself. "Hey, self, I know you have a lot of other projects on your plate - but come on, 5k? You'll be able to fit that in no problemo".

Cue hysterical laughter here. I mean - I do actually know better. It's not like all of my longest fanfics haven't started out as short stories...

So basically, for the last few months I've spent every free minute plotting, writing, and now editing. The finished story clocks in at just under 50k, and I now have only (hah!) 15 pages of the rough draft left to edit.

Of course, as of now the story is entirely un-betaed, and the posting date is the 20th - next Friday. *headdesk*.

So, yeah. Uhm. Does anyone have a bit of spare time and feel like beta-ing a story...?

It's an X-Men First Class AU, Charles/Erik, scifi-y and rated a very light R. Maybe even PG-13 (I know, it's a surprise to me, too!). No canon knowledge is required, although I do think it adds a bit to the story - but it should work as a "straight" (in a manner of speaking) scifi story for readers who have no X-Men knowledge, too. At least that was my intention!

Oh, and the story is based on this lovely art prompt - though I did diverge from the written part of the prompt somewhat (with the artist's permission).
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Several weeks ago, I watched Avengers. I thought it was rather fun, but don't have stronger feelings about it than that. There was one plot hole which irritated both me and the unfannish friend who watched the movie with me, however.

So, about the Hulk… )

Dear translators, may I have a word?  )

And now for some random opinions and observations. )

One more thought, this time with added X-Men First Class reference. )

ALSO, why oh why does nobody - including professional screenwriters - *ever* get the Early Modern English pronouns of address right? I'm looking at you, Anthony Stark. It is really not that hard. I still have an unfinished fannish tutorial on the correct use of "thou" and "you" somewhere on my harddrive... maybe I should dig it out and finish it.

Would you believe I started writing this entry to talk about 3D films? I didn't think I had anything much to say about Avengers. Well, next post. :-)
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(Repost, this time with a link to the vid. Sorry, I don't know why the embed code keeps vanishing on me. Argh.)

This is one of the funniest fanvids I've seen in quite a while. I can't say anything about why it's so funny without spoiling it, but it's short, and you don't have to know (or like) X-Men: First Class to appreciate it - so if you have 3.5 minutes to spare, just trust me and have a look. :-)

I should do a panfandom rec post with my favorite vids one of these days.


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