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Dating a deity is a monumentally bad idea. While I'm sure you are all well aware of this fact, temptation may tempt even so - which is why I want to remind you to stay strong, no matter how hot the divine entity you are tempted to make eyes at may be. Here's a recent essay on the subject that may bolster your crumbling resolve!

My own advice would go one step further: I would counsel you to keep out of sight and range of deities entirely. Even if you're not trying to date them and/or escape their amorous attention, chances are their vicinity will turn out to be highly unpleasant in some way.

And if you're wondering whyI think I am qualified to give out this kind of advice? Ahem. Rhea Silvia? Vesta, Mars, *and* Tiberinus? Guys, seriously, I know what I'm talking about. ;-)

Also: The reveal of yesterday's kdrama title poll. Are you ready?

These five dramas really exist - and I have the links to prove it. )
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I am watching Nobuta wo Produce* for the first time ([personal profile] solo is showing it to me, and we are only up to ep 4, so no spoilers, please!). It’s a great series, I think, funny and interesting with engaging characters.

Nobuta also features an… interesting animation for the opening and closing credits: the dramatic love story of two pastel piglets. At first glance, this is surprising, seeing as piglets – pastel or otherwise – play absolutely no part in Nobuta itself, and the piglet plot seems unconnected to anything in the Nobuta plot. But once you think about it for a while, the Piglets’ Deeper Meaning™ becomes clear!

Warning: This post may surpass your recommended daily dose of silliness and talk about animated piglets. If in doubt, please consult your physician. Also: pastel piglet picspam behind the cut!

The Piglets’ Tale )

Now I want piggy slash. :-) Anyone who writes me a Green Piggy/Pink Piggy slash story (hurt/comfort or angst would both be fine!) will receive a drabble of their choice, in the fandoms and pairings of my known preferences. *g*

* For those of you who have no idea what this may be, it is a Japanese TV series about two mismatched and unlikely high-school heroes taking on the project of making a girl who is the single most unlikely candidate for popularity popular. Like many plots of dubious inherent interest, it rises and falls with the execution – which, in this case, is very good.


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