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Oct. 16th, 2016 01:02 pm
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I've been slowly watching (and really enjoying) Luke Cage; I just finished ep8, and find it an excellent show with great characters. It hasn't quite grabbed me the way Jessica Jones did, though, which I attribute to the different atmospheres of the shows. JJ involved intensely personal psychological horror and trauma and built up a very close, claustrophobic atmosphere. Luke Cage is set on a larger, more political stage and thus can't - and isn't intended to - achieve the kind of intense, riveting suspense that JJ did.

In a Daredevil crossover moment, Claire tells Luke she can recommend a lawyer if he needs one. I sure hope she means Foggy, because honestly: Matt Murdock is a *horrible* lawyer. He will be worse than useless - he will never show up to court or other important appointments, and will always be too busy with his own issues to actually work on helping you with your legal problems (getting his adrenaline high and brooding self-indulgently is so much more important, y'all). You need someone to hang out in warehouses at night beating up Asians? Sure, Matt Murdock is your man. You need a lawyer? DO NOT GO THERE.

Also - that "Luke, I am your brother!" moment. That was (intentionally? unintentionally?) hilarious. :-)

I loved Cottonmouth's death scene. That came out of nowhere for me, and I love how unexpectedly but fittingly it shifted the focus to Mariah. It was also a very satisfying way for the man to die, I find. Much better than just having him get shot eventually - this was personal, and fitting, and precisely the right ending for him.

So, are you watching this show? What do you think?

Date: 2016-10-16 10:41 pm (UTC)
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I'm just one episode past where you are, and I never thought I would miss Cottonmouth, of all people! I love Mariah, though - she's powerful and controlled and flawed - and I love the way that Luke's superhero story is woven carefully through these very not super stories. And Mariah and Cottonmouth's backstory was just amazing and chilling.


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