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Am finally slowly approaching the final eps of Daredevil's second season, and my overwhelming feeling about it is...

... meh.

At this point, the endless fighting and shooting has really begun to bore me. Of course this is an action series, but somehow there's just no point to most of it; yet another fight scene with ninjas, yawn, yet another shooting while people are riddled with bullets and others crouch behind tables, sigh, fast-forward.

The eternal gloomy darkness of the Evil City also gets old (I get it already, jeeze). It's like New Gotham up in here.

Most of all, Matt annoys me. In this season, he has really let the strings of his life slide from his grasp, and seems to be pretending that the ways he is messing up are inevitable - the natural result of his Heroic Calling (capitalization his). He seems like a hopeless adrenaline junkie looking for excuses to me, continually letting the people who rely on him down because it's more important to him to get his fix.

And then, when it turns out there IS a limit to how much his friends will take in terms of being let down when they really NEED him, and then be served lame bullshit lies and vague patronizing not-answers, he decides that the solution is to just cut everyone out of his life entirely. It's too dangerous!! Boy-o, that is not actually the problem here. *headdesk* You don't get my sympathy for wallowing in pseudo-heroic self-pity about being so self-sacrificingly heroic and so necessarily alone, sniff sniff, when it's all your own idiocy and addictive behavior. Get down off that cross already, we need the wood more than your drama.

I do like the Punisher. I always liked the Punisher.

I also really like Karen. She is awesome. So is Foggy, and his corporate lawyer girlfriend has potential.

Also, show, GOOD GOD, what is it with you and the horrible racial stereotypes when it comes to Asians? You could at least have added ONE non-evil non-mob non-martial-artsy Asian character, just to show you're aware not every single Asian person is always an evil scheming mafiosi and/or evil mystical ninja.

I have eps 12 and 13 left to watch, and am actually not sure whether I particularly mind spoilers at this point. Maybe just avoid any really major ones if you comment? Thanks!

Date: 2016-05-06 06:16 pm (UTC)
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  1. You're making me very relieved that I've never seen this, and
  2. Completely non sequitur and tangentially, have a look at this headline.
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Date: 2016-05-07 04:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lilacsigil
Yeah, there were lots of things I enjoyed about S2, especially Foggy and Karen, but Evil Faceless Ninjas, really? Matt does this in the comics a lot (sometimes faking his own death to "protect" his friends) so I was annoyed but not surprised by it.


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