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So yesterday night, I was driving innocently home after roleplaying (I have found a new group, yay! hi, [personal profile] ellensmithee! *g*), two fellow roleplayers along, when a police car subtly appeared behind me and gave subtle, but odd light signals. I would never have noticed this, if not for Fellow Roleplayer 1.

FR1: There's a police car behind us.
Me: Really?
Police car *flashes red light on top of car, which may or may not be a sign of some kind, but which I can't read in rear-view mirror*
Me: Huh. Okay, guess I'll pull over.
Policeman: Good evening. We're from [police district quite a bit from where we actually are]. Could I see your driver's license and registration?
Me: Sure.
Policeman: So, did you drink any alcohol tonight?
Me: No.
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I've succumbed to the siren call of an online roleplaying game again. Yes, I am weak. I tried to resist, but in the end the temptation was too strong.*

The game in question is a dystopic science fiction setting in which New Tokyo is torn by strife between a militaristic police force, ruthless too-powerful corporations, and rebellious citizens. The characters are mostly JE guys and other Japanese entertainment personalities, but Koreans can play, too.

I'd ask you to guess who I'm playing, but, well. It wouldn't be much of a challenge, would it? *g*

So far, the game is a lot of fun. :-) If you want to take a look, it's probably best to check out one of the characters' friendslists – the game logs are at [profile] narcissus_logs, but much of the plot also takes place in the characters' private journals. The background, rules, character list and so forth are at [profile] narcissus_wept.

* This is all your fault, [personal profile] rockthecliche. *shakes tiny fist*


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