Soap stars

Feb. 12th, 2013 08:30 pm
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May I present: my latest batch of handmade soaps.

Pics underneath the cut! )

If you'd like some soap, give me a shout. :-)

Also, I've been clearing out my soap stores and discovered I still have some older soap, if anyone is interested. Namely, I'm still looking for good homes for some pieces of Virgin, White Neptune, Blue Neptune, Milk & Honey, Green Wave, Sandalwood & Vanilla, Chocolate Dream, Angel in the Light, Samurai Love Attack, Gingko Zing and Magi.
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So, after a year of slacking off, I have recently started making soap again. Yin and yang, rose, lavender, coffee, pomegranate stars, neon stars, tea tree, an absolute luxury soap in two versions, one with sea-buckthorn oil...

And wow, I have never ever heard the word sea-buckthorn in English before. But why? It's awesome! Yummy and healthy and pretty. I'm a fan.

Hmm. Maybe I should write fanfic. But who would be most likely to be sea-buckthorn? I'm thinking Erik... tough, stubborn, headstrong, thorny and frequently found in difficult circumstances. Sour when caught at a bad time, but potentially sweet, healthy and delicious, and definitely well-worth the trouble. Also, very low-maintenance, despite appearances. *g*

Anyway! With one exception, I have yet to take pics of my new soaps, and I am too late to supply soap as xmas presents. However, if any of you have unfulfilled soap longings, please let me know. I have a couple of soaps left in me before my spree ends again!

I need a soap icon. Also, maybe an "I am rather odd and not ashamed of it at all" icon. ;-)
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Beware: many large soap pics lurk beneath the cut! I've been busy... and I've also been as name-impaired as always, so if you think of alternate names for these soaps, please do let me know. (I'm also happy about all other soapy remarks, of course, including suggestions for new soaps!)

Take me to the soap! )

And that's it for the moment. More soaps are sure to follow in future, though. :-)

* But there will be no threatening of anyone's life with a railway-share on this journal!

Soap opera

Sep. 2nd, 2011 12:15 am
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A few days ago, I decided the time to make more soap had come. And so I made a beautiful soap with the most expensive of oils. )

But this is not a tale with a happy ending. As is so often the case, the soap turned out to be gorgeous, but ill-mannered; it thumbed it's nose at me, sneered evilly, and separated.


Usually I start again from scratch at this point. But because I used very expensive oils, and because I made a very large batch in my hubris, I melted the soap down instead. There was much cursing and despair, but I did manage to save it - though it is now so soft it will probably take months to dry to the point where it won't melt away at the first touch of water.

But alas, the soap has changed.  )


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Now that I've shown you all my pretty soaps, it's only fair that I also show you the ugliest soap I have ever produced.

Introducing: Brewski! )


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