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Once I had determined that Person of Interest shows a very interesting relationship, and had watched all the eps there were to watch, I went looking for fanfic. This is my normal modus operandi.

About slash fanfic, or the comparative scarcity thereof.

For some reason, I'd formed an impression of the POI fandom as fairly large and active. I don't know what exactly gave me this impression, because I hadn't had any contact with the fandom at all. Perhaps it was that several people on my friendslist regularly post about POI.

Anyway: I was surprised to find that the number of Reese/Finch slash stories fell far short of my expectations. Particularly longer stories seem to be in very short supply (if you'll pardon the pun).

I have yet to form a good theory on the reason(s) for this dismaying POI Slash Drought. Is the fandom simply less popular than I assumed? Are writers deterred because one of the protagonists is not classically handsome? Or is it something else entirely…?

About "undercover as a gay couple" fics.

Specifically: How come this fandom isn't full of "undercover as a gay couple" fics?

Since I first wrote this, one such story was actually posted. This is most definitely a step in the right direction! Carry on, please! :-) However, given how perfectly suited the fandom is for this particular cliché, I had expected a veritable flood of stories.

For example, canon practically cries out for a Reese/Finch story where their pursuit of a number takes them into a gay resort or gated community, or on a gay cruise, or some such. Most people automatically assume that the obviously filthy rich Finch is Reese's sugar daddy. Some are envious and/or incredulous – how did Finch manage to secure such a fine specimen of arm candy?! Others are contemptuous of one or both of them (because Reese would sell himself like that, and because Finch would buy someone and consider it something to be proud of).

Someone hits on Reese, and Finch doesn't react much at all, projecting cool confidence and the absolute conviction that Reese has no interest whatsoever in anyone else. And someone hits on Finch, and hey presto, the millionaire's indolent boytoy is suddenly all looming dead-eyed whispery menace, scaring the crap out of the hapless would-be interloper.

And one very smart person really gets it, and sees that Reese is not a boytoy at all, and Finch is not a sugar daddy. This person at some point confides in Reese that they're a little envious of Reese – for having found someone he's obviously so crazy about, and who is so crazy about him, and who complements him so perfectly.

Don't you think fandom needs a story like that? Not that I've thought about it or anything.

About all those other missing fics.

Undercover in a gay bar. (Totally distinct from "undercover as a gay couple"! No, really. Ahem.) Amnesia. Bodyswap. Fuck or die. Soulbonds. Telepathy. Everyone thinks they're doing it. One of them's a hooker. One of them is undercover as a hooker in a gay bar while having amnesia and stuck in the wrong body (get your mind out of the gutter, you know what I meant).

Needless to say, there need to be way more of the non-cliché kind of slash stories in this fandom, too. There need to be more POI slash stories of every kind, period.

Where are all the stories? Where??

I have found some truly excellent POI slash stories, mind you. Their number is just depressingly small.

Date: 2013-03-21 07:28 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] giandujakiss
There are at least two other undercover gay stories - both by Speranza. Silenus Club - http://archiveofourown.org/works/495235 and Self Defense - http://archiveofourown.org/works/683009 They're both very good.

Amnesia's been done. John's been a hooker. There's also Sentinel, werewolf, incubus, crossdressing, and at least two different sex pollens, among other things.

But yeah, comparatively not a lot of fic - I think the fandom is vocal but only just beginning to pick up in size now, and part of that is because the couple is perceived as old or not attractive. But I think it is picking up - i.e., a lot of people posting about how they're just watching it now. So maybe there will be more soon?
Edited Date: 2013-03-21 07:29 pm (UTC)

Date: 2013-04-20 08:17 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] aprilvalentine
Hi, yes we need more POI slash fic. I'll tell you one reason I think there isn't as much as I'd like to see -- Carter fans. I've been in fandom a million years but never spent much time in fandoms with main female characters (Starsky & Hutch, The Sentinel) and even in the ones that did have main, strong females, there was enough slash that the fandom would have communities for slash and for the het fans. Not so in POI, sadly. And yes, we need more slash. I watched one ep and immediately went looking for slash on AO3 -- and the first ep I saw was "Get Carter" -- so yes, I am and always will be a slasher, lol. Anyway, on the POI discussion forum there is such a preponderance of het shippers and Carter fans... and many of the participants are new to fandom so if they have slashy leanings, they don't feel comfortable expressing them. I've been bothered by this for nearly a year now and still haven't figured out how to help the situation. Been writing a lot and want to write some long, plotty slash fics, but just haven't managed to yet. The longest slash fic I know of is Katica Locke's "Damaged." But I'm trying.
(And trying to hang out more here on DW instead of always being on LJ, so may I friend you?)

Date: 2013-04-20 11:11 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] aprilvalentine
I'm more on LJ myself. I need to at least upload some more icons to reflect my POI fandom here.

It's hard to take those numbers on AO3 as definite -- as you say, there are more slashers on AO3 and some authors seem to write a hundred words or so and call it a story and post more than one a day so that makes additions to the numbers of fics. Not that I read on The Pit, but there the numbers are the reverse... waaaay more het. I guess, as I said, there is so much het discussion in the places I've been hanging out, which is kind of buzz killing to me. It's like Finch doesn't exist or only Carter can help or motivate Reese. Guh.

I'd like to see meaty fics that aren't pwps or about some sort of power dynamic between the characters. I think for me it harks back to the the early reason for slash, where having two men meant you didn't need the role playing associated with het romance stories and I still tend to like my slash more "even handed" so to speak. Not that the occasional role play fic or "I'll top tonight" isn't cool, and we all have our valid preferences in fics, but I'd like to see them more as equal partners.

Then again, there are those weird (from the slasher's viewpoint) fans who think there shouldn't be anything "non-canonical" in fic and that the whole world of fandom sees everything as slash and "Reese loved Jessica and Finch had Grace so they're definitely two hetero men!" (yes, I did read that exact statement in someone's lj post awhile back. As if bi-sexuality is non-existent. )

I see what you're saying about X-Files -- though I wasn't in that fandom, who wouldn't know about Mulder/Krychek or Mulder/Skinner? And there are those H50 fans who write about Steve and Catherine and other het pairings... I just don't have to keep reading their fannish discussions since there are comms that support those parts of that fandom. So far, I guess due to size, POI just seems to have a main community or two where all fans are welcome and that's not a bad thing, but after being told recently that the roof top scene was a "let down" after the hallway scene with Carter... I think you get my drift.

You said something about the attractiveness of the characters? Are you saying you think that Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson aren't as hot as say... IDK, the men on Teen Wolf or H50? Or that they are "older" -- heh, there were those in Sentinel who thought Jim Ellison was too old, which possibly explains why so many younger fangirls were into Blair. (I hope my love for them isn't just because I'm one of those "older" fans, lol. )

I did recently find meme_of_interest over here which seems to be generating a good bit of slash. That's promising.

Maybe as more authors show up the slash will snowball. We can hope.


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