Mar. 23rd, 2013 10:57 pm
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Good news! LJArchive has been fixed!

Maybe this is old news, but it only just occurred to me to check, and I'm very relieved. The new version works fine for me, and I finally have all my comments backed up again. Phew.
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Picture the following situation. You've found a rec for a story that sounds amazing. You follow the link and have a look at the first paragraphs. Wow, this looks great - you're hooked already. You can't wait to read the rest of this story! You go to download it so you can throw it on your trusty ebook reader... And discover that the story is posted in 3455 isty bitsy chapters, on a site that doesn't allow readers to view the entire story. (I will never understand this, btw. Why on earth would anyone think this is a good way to present a story?)


But never fear - there is a solution! I've come across the perfect fanfic downloading tool.

FanFictionDownloader will download your story in one convenient file. All 3455 chapters of it, just like that. It works with fanfiction.net, adultfanfiction, fictionpress, mediaminer and a bunch of other archives. And it saves the story in any of 14 formats, including html, rtf, pdf, epub and mobi. It's also completely free (though the creator does accept donations).

I am in love.

In other news, I spent the day assembling shelving units, some of them with drawers featuring complicated slides. I had neither instructions nor any hint of spatial awareness to aid me, and yet I never faltered! I rule. Then I baked the best chocolate cookies in existence. A day well spent.

* Is it just me or is this a problem for other fanfic readers, too? In extreme cases, I've given up on stories entirely because of this. I don't like reading fanfic on the computer screen, and I'm not enthused about spending ages saving individual chapters and combining them into a single file, either.


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